Saturday, December 24, 2005

How I did on my goals for 2005

Captain's Log, Stardate 12.24.2005

Well, I didn't make all of my goals from 2005, but I liked making them and having them up for me to see.

How well did I do?

Long-term goals:
I completed only two manuscripts by the end of December rather than the three I was aiming for. Two completed mss is more than the previous year, which was one ms. Next year, I want to up the ante and write three manuscripts.

I didn't come up with new Chick-Lit or Suspense series proposal ideas, although I'm working on the Chick-Lit now, it's just not finished yet. I did find two new critique partners.

Short-term goals:
I don't think I wrote even one short story this past year, and I was supposed to write one a month. I wanted to spend the time focusing on my novels instead. I think that's okay--short stories are nice, but I prefer the larger projects. I didn't have a goal for it, but I ended up writing several articles. Maybe I'll change this goal to articles instead.

I didn't critique much on, unfortunately. I did more critiques for my dedicated critique partners and for my freelance editing business. However, I need to be better about critiquing on time, doing a little each day.

I did update my website each month for my contest, and added some new content. I have new content planned for next year, too. It depends on if I sell my suspense series proposal or not. I had planned on embryonic stem cell articles that would fit my BITTER DRAGON novel, but if I don't sell it, I'll switch to other articles pertinent to my next series proposal.

I wrote on my blog at least once a week--usually more like 2-3 times a week. I didn't write everyday as I wanted to, for accountability. I'll need to do better next year, but not spend too much time on it. It's fun and a little addictive.

Daily goals:
I didn't always get an hour of writing done every weekday, but I think I averaged about that much since I tended to write in spurts. I have kept Sunday as my day of rest.

Project goals:
I finished my manuscripts late. Suspense ms and series proposal done in April, novella in September.

Learning goals:
I did read one writing book a month and at least one writing article a week. It was much easier once I hit on the stupendous idea of putting my Writer's Digest and RWR issues in the bathrooms. I've also been sticking writing books there to read a chapter while I'm otherwise engaged.

Did anyone else make 2005 goals? How did all of you guys do?


  1. Oh man, I don't even want to think about the goals I SO didn't make this year.

  2. Oh, let's not go there. But actually, didn't set any solid goals for the year. So maybe I will for this year. LOL! Merry Christmas!

  3. No, I didn't reach my health or writing, spiritual or social goals.

    However, just by SETTING goals, I got back to writing (which I'd stopped for over a year and a half as my mother was horribly ill and dying.) I got two short stories, one poem, and 4 chapters of a large novel done. I joined organizations. I started blogging, which forces me to think on writing and to write non-fiction. :) And I reconnected with online writers with whom I'd grown distant during the worst time of my life.

    I also changed churches (leaving the one with the toxic pastor who messed up the congregation) and tried harder to be patient with siblings (success there).

    So, yeah, I need to improve. A lot. And while I'm awful at discipline, at keeping goals, I know that if I don't set ANY, I do worse.

    Here's a cheer for resolution making--because goals help us at least focus on what we need to change and any step forward is a good step.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR all you lovelies.

    Camy, you're one of my fave people on the planet. I adore you. May 2006 see you with a multi-book contract, sweetie. Hugs to Heather, Dineen, Robin, Marilynn and all the sweeties who come by here regularly.


  4. ahhh Thanks Mir!!

    Hey Camster!! Where's your Sunday prayer?? LOL I've grown to love it as well as fear it! :p