Monday, December 05, 2005

EVEN IN THE DARKNESS by Shirlee McCoy ebook sale!

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.05.2005

Well, there’s something weird going on with blogger—maybe it got hacked?—so I’m writing this blog hoping it’ll get posted today.

I just bought Shirlee McCoy’s romantic suspense EVEN IN THE DARKNESS in ebook format on They’re holding a sale this week, so it’s only $3.45 for Fictionwise club members, and $3.85 for everybody else.

I love ebooks—I carry several dozen around in my PDA—so it was like an early Christmas present to buy this novel. I usually read ebooks on my PDA rather than on my computer. It’s especially nice to read an ebook in the car while waiting for my husband or something like that, cuz I can read my PDA in the dark, since it has a backlight.

I’m totally excited about this story, which is set in Thailand. Shirlee always writes with such flair and grit. It’s refreshing.

Writing: Off to do crits for my crit group meeting tomorrow. I’m way behind.

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