Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dineen tagged me! 15 things about books...

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.01.2005

Dineen Miller tagged me for this game: List 15 facts and personal preferences about books:

1. I love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. Give me a book anyday.

2. I like Chicklit and Suspense. I also love Regency romances. I will admit to a secret liking for Silhouette Romances—you know, the sweet ones with the teal covers that are often a bit paranormal now? I will also read a Harlequin Presents occasionally—I just finished “The Italian’s Stolen Bride” by Emma Darcy that was entertaining. Plus I got it at (ebook) at a discount. :)

3. I can’t list my favorite authors, I know I’m going to forget one. You can see my favorite books if you go to my page and look at my reviews and listmania list.

4. Okay, I can list this favorite author—I love anything by Betty Neels. Her books are so British. I like the quaint, old-fashioned air of them. I also like Grace Livingston Hill’s books. They have a similar quality.

5. I have literally thousands of books in my home. It’s pathetic.

6. Book or movie? While I love movies, I’d usually opt for a book unless movie includes snuggling with my husband.

7. I have the 15th edition Chicago Manual of Style and I love it.

8. I give books away each month on my website. I’ll have December’s drawing up soon—I’m giving away two terrific book packs!

9. I carry a book with me everywhere. I hate sitting with nothing to do. If I don’t have a paperback tucked into my purse, I at least have my PDA with dozens of ebooks in it.

10. I like to eat while reading. I know it’s bad, so I have to control my portions before I start, but I enjoy it immensely. I will sip a bowl of soup while reading a Regency, or snack on veggie chips while finishing a Chicklit.

11. I hope to have one of my manuscripts become a published book someday.

12. I hope to see my friends’ manuscripts become published books someday.

13. I continue to be amazed and honored to personally have met so many terrific authors, editors, and agents.

14. I have a secret epic brewing inside me, a young adult fantasy series of 5 books and a prequel.

15. I used to dog-ear pages when I was younger, but these days I almost always use a bookmark. Plus I get so many of them from authors—it’s great! I have them strewn all over the house so I’m never in need of one.

Next up: (Unfortunately, Dineen already tagged the nutsos—er, I mean, people who post the most comments on my blog! Doh!)

Cheryl, Mir, Mary C., Paula, Dream, Val, Angie, Mary G., Rachel H., Brenda C.(some of you guys might be duplicates with Heather. Oh well.)

P.S. Happy 4th Anniversary, honeybunny!


  1. Camy, you're so cute! Love the list, girl!

  2. HEY! I resemble that remark. This "nutso" is getting ready to post her list. I am sure it won't be as good as yours though. :0)


  3. (sung to the tune of the Dr. Pepper Song)

    I"m an nutso,
    he's a nutso,
    she's a nutso,
    we're all nutso!
    Wouldn't you like to be a nutso, too?

    Blogger Nutsos, read Blogger Nutsos...
    Blogger Nutsos, read Blogger Nutsos...

    Mir--an official member of the National Organization of the Nattering Nutsos (aka the Hey NONNy NONNies)

  4. I posted my list. Blogger ain't always so quick on the draw, though, so it may not show up for HOURS and hours.

    My list is quite lovely, if I do say so unhumbly myself. I had a great time reading it. heh.

    Mir--also member of the Singular Admiration Society Sisterhood (The SASSies)

  5. Good list, girl! And uh, you've been "tagged" again! LOL With a different one! Check out my blog today! And oh, it's Kristin's fault! LOL