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Another 15 things about books

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Lynette tagged me. So I am tagged twice. But I love this particular meme so here's another 15 things to entertain or annoy you:

16) I love It's a store for writers and book lovers. I spend time every month perusing their catalog from cover to cover. Pathetically.

17) Cussing in books does not bother me.

18) Sex in books does not bother me. I have read Harlequin Blazes and various erotica. GASP! And I still call myself a Christian!

19) I love ebooks because I can carry a several dozen with me in my PDA. What sane book lover wouldn't enjoy being able to effortlessly cart her books with her everywhere?

20) I recently bought 45 MASTER CHARACTERS by Victoria Lynn Schmidt because Dineen was raving about it. And I have to admit, it's a great book so far.

21) I also bought WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL WORKBOOK because both Robin and Dineen raved about it. I'm just a lemming.

22) I am mentioned by name in SAHM I AM by Meredith Efken in her acknowledgements section!!! And she put me before three published authors!!! Bwahahahahahaha! Who says Randy Ingermanson is the only one interested in Total World Domination?

23) I love the old Regency romances. My Listmania list on has most of my favorite authors.

24) I usually have 3-4 books I'm reading at a time. I have a book in each room of the house, including one in each bathroom.

25) How do I know how many books I own? Because I have an Excel spreadsheet listing them all by author's last name. Before you gasp in organizational horror, Heather has the same thing.

26) On that Excel spreadsheet, I also list the books I've read in the past few years, whether I kept them or not. I put down my impressions of the story and characters next to the title.

27) Reading now: WITH THIS RING, I'M CONFUSED by Kristin Billerbeck.

28) You can get a free download of the MP3 of PYROMARKETING by Greg Stielstra at So far, it's been a great book.

29) I just finished a Betty Neels book, THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE. Sure, it was predictable, but it's so romantic and comforting. There's also a lot of neat subtexting.

30) I mentioned I love eating while reading. My favorite snack is taro chips, which my parents brought to me from Hawaii.

Writing: I'm now going to go revise because Robin scolded me.


  1. I'm shaking my finger at you now...GO WORK ON REVISIONS! LOL

  2. :D Someone needs to shake a finger at me! (rolling eyes)

    I'm anxious to see you pubbed, so hurry up.


  3. Someone gonna shake a finger at me?

    I sat for an hour yesterday and wrote ONE PARAGRAPH. And I don't even like the paragraph. I hate days like that.

    I want to write 10 perfect pages every time I sit down. Is that too much to ask?


    Mir--who also doesn't mind sex in books, only minds badly done, salaciously done, pages and pages and pages of cliched sex in books.

  4. Camy shaking her finger at both of you!

    Okay, you've been shaken. :)

    Mir, sounds like my day. Except after that one paragraph started looking somewhat decent to my tired brain, the computer fritzed and I lost said paragraph. Nothing like losing something you convinced yourself you wanted, eh?


  5. LOL Gee thanks for outing my anal side for the whole world to see!


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