Saturday, December 10, 2005

Adult verses Embryonic stem cells

Captain's Log, Stardate 12.10.2005

This reader's letter is how I view things. It also delves into fetal organ harvesting, which is really only a step away if people continue to support embryonic stem cell harvesting. That's the "what if?" in my suspense manuscript BITTER DRAGON.

I love the news that donated umbilical cord stem cells saved this baby's life from a genetic immune disease, but I hate how they slipped in hype about how embryonic stem cells would somehow be so much better. ESCs are totally unrelated to this child's new life. How would "blank," pluripotent ESCs be superior to multipotent umbilical stem cells, which are already predisposed to become the life-saving bone marrow she needed? That's my take. The article is nice in that it shows two children being saved by umbilical stem cells.

Aside: Well, I knew it couldn't last. After my husband's bout with the flu last week, I have finally succumbed--at least a little. Sore throat and stuffed head. My husband says I should think of it as a free flu shot, saving us $20. I shot him and hid his body in the backyard.

Writing: Since I'm feeling so miserable, I might as well go full monty and work on revisions to my suspense. Nothing like reveling in my writerly masochistic tendencies.

Award-winning author/screen writer John Desjarlais has an upcoming interview Monday, December 12th, on Gina Holmes's blog, First Novel Journey. Check it out! I know I will.


  1. " I shot him and hid his body in the backyard."

    Thank you for making me spit out my Dr Pepper. LOL

  2. Okay, here's a peeve of mine: Don't call it the flu unless you're ready to shoot yourself dead to put yourself out of the feverish, aching body, horrible malaise sickness.

    If you've got a stuffy nose and feel really bad but don't want to die, you've got a cold. Not the flu.

    And in any case, get baby, Camykins. :)

    And go dig your husband back up before he gets something worse than a cold or the flu.


  3. Poor Neal.....but hey, now that you're following in MY footsteps with the murder, go ahead and get those revisions done. Sick or not, you'll feel better. Your alibi? It was RESEARCH, your honor....honestly!