Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Critique Boutique

My friend Robin Miller is one of the best critique partners I know, and one of the best contest judges. In my critique service, The Story Sensei, I will critique overall story structure, but in her critique business, the Critique Boutique, Robin will do amazing detailed line edits of your work. She will also do complete manuscripts, while I only do partials. Here's some information on the Critique Boutique:

  • Have you got a work in progress you need polished before entering a contest?
  • Do you have a work in progress you’d like some feedback on?
  • Do you have a completed manuscript you need “tweaked” before submitting it to an editor?
    If you answered YES to any of these questions, Critique Boutique can help you! We specialize in fiction manuscript critique services. Our fees are modestly set, based on word count, NOT page count. Get as much, or as little of your manuscript critiqued, according to YOUR needs.

Elements covered in a critique include:

  • Beginning “hook”
  • POV issues
  • Plot points
  • Settings
  • Narrative/Dialogue
  • Characterization
  • Flow
  • Active/Passive
  • Showing/Telling
  • Tension/Pacing

Need a quick critique? No problem…Critique Boutique offers a 36-hour turnaround option.

Bring the experience of Critique Boutique to YOUR manuscript! An experienced critique-er, contest finalist, judge for various RWA contests, RWA PRO, judge for published book contests can critique YOUR manuscript!

Fees: To offer the lowest-price for the highest quality critique, Critique Boutique has flat rate charges.

Contact the Critique Boutique for more information at

or visit the blog at:

Robin Miller
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