Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ACL surgery, revisited

Captain's Log, Stardate 11.22.2005

After talking with nurses about my lingering cough, I decided to go through with the surgery tomorrow. It's at 3 p.m. Pacific Time, so please pray if you get a chance.

My biggest fears are about the post-op recovery. Last time I had some very distressing complications. Please pray for:

1) Minimal pain. Since I had such a horrific reaction to the Ultram, and since I can't take Vicodin, I'm stuck with ibuprofen, Tylenol, and a local subcutaneous pain pump. I hope it'll be enough.

2) No blistering. Last time, my body didn't shunt the fluid away from the knee so it formed skin blisters. Talk about excruciating pain. This time, I'm going to try massaging the leg around the knee to encourage circulation so my body will get rid of the fluid.

3) No upset stomach. I got sick from the pain meds last time, so without them this round, hopefully this won't be a problem. Did you know fat cells store copious amounts of hormone? Last year, I was so sick and lost weight so fast that my hormones went ballistic and I was bawling at the drop of a hat. (my poor husband).

I'm so blessed by all the prayer warriors who have taken up arms for me. Thanks guys!


  1. Praying for you... and I'll be praying during your sugery too.

  2. um that would be surgery.

  3. I'll be sending up that Knee mail for you. :0) Hugs.

    Love ya!

  4. Sorry you have to go throught his mess AGAIN. With a lingering cough, no less.

    I have a torn ACL, too, but I'm avoiding any medico-surgical intervention. It used to be much worse, but I pretty much gave up any twisting motions (goodbye, aerobics) and treat it very, very gently. One day, I may be where you are, though.

    So, knowing how necessary our knees are (and how troublesome when they act up), I'm asking God to let your healing go well, painfree and completely successful. I hope this solves the problem and you can stay away from those surgeons forever. :)

    Give us an update after Thanksgiving, okay?