Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm so glad they didn't like my book!

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.25.2005

No, you don't have to call the insane asylum or even the Humane Society.

I had a great time talking with my agent last night. It's so nice that she's nearby--about 90 minutes from San Jose. I also got to meet her husband, who's totally nice. I had a fun time.

The best part was when Wendy gave me some feedback sheets from best-selling authors who had looked at my first chapter. And none of them liked it. I got mostly 3's out of 5's.

Why is that good? Because I got the harshest criticism I've had so far on this suspense manuscript, and it opened my eyes to how I could make it even better. To raise it to that next level in craft. To polish that rough rock into a diamond somebody might want to buy.

I'm all fired up now. I'll be revising my suspense manuscript so that it'll be the best I can make it right now, with all the know-how on writing craft that I know at this point.

Wendy is going to personally pitch it at CBA Advance in January. She feels--and I agree with her--that pushing it in person is more effective than by email or snail mail or even a phone call. Plus, CBA Advance isn't as busy as CBA/ICRS in July, so the editors will have more time to hear the ideas.

On a side note:

Do you know what my quiet time was about today? Loving people.

Good thing, after my so-called friends decided to start rumors yesterday.




  1. Good luck...........That's how U will be a good writer.....

  2. Well girl, we already knew it was GOOD, now to make it "jump off the page great"! LOL And I think it's a brilliant idea to pitch it in person at CBA Advance.....you're on your way, girl! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

    How's the stomach? LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Ever since I got married last year, any time I complain about my stomach hurting, I get "Are you pregnant?" (normally from eight people at once). Sometimes, it's just a stomach-ache. *rolls eyes*

    Congratulations on the new agent! And on all the great feedback you got. :-)

  4. I'm going through the same thing too, Camy. Not the nausea and pregnancy rumors (LOL, that *was* in the back of my mind when I read that other post of yours), but raising my writing above that "3 out of 5" range. I'm with ya on that one! :D Hugs~~ Lynette

  5. Congrats on getting the good feedback!

    Hey, I just had to. I've had that same nausea thing going on. I hope you're feeling better, because I swear, I was praying for death yesterday.

    Interestingly enough, when I really *was* pregnant (and hiding it from everyone), no one put two and two together with my being sick all the time. One of my friends said, "Oh, you're just depressed. You need to see a doctor." LOL

  6. Very interesting. When I was preggers the first time....my husband had the morning sickness. :0)
    The second time I had it...for eight months! bleck.

    Glad you and Danica are feeling better.

    And y'all can just keep that nasty stomach bug. (I already had it, thank you very much...on a Sunday....with a million things to do...including a youth meeting where we baked pies and cakes for charity.)

    Also glad to hear about the awesome feedback. I think your writing is beyond great and I am surprised that some editor hasn't snatched up one of your manuscripts.
    (So I guess my crits didn't draw enough blood, eh?) LOL.

  7. Hey girl!
    You are brave! Man, that would make my knees knock to know authors were reading my stuff. Sounds cool though. Painful but cool! LOL!

  8. You can handle it....and uh, send it to me to let ME hack it....several can testify that ms bleed when I get done! LOL

  9. What a wonderful opportunity to put your mauscript in front of best selling authors. I plan to put mine in front of some of my bookstore friends, but that's a great opportunity. And it's nice to know that you are humble enough to accept the criticm as a learning opportunity. Did the authors give you any tips or advice on how to raise your novel's stakes?