Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Everyone has blogged about Katrina, but I will not. Not because I’m heartless, but because I can’t handle it. Every time I read something, see something, hear something about what’s happening, I can’t take it. I feel like I’ve been hacked with a Chinese cleaver. So please excuse my silence, but I’m really not ready to blog my thoughts about what’s happening.


  1. Hi Camy,
    I stumbled upon your blog by way of the WordPraize website. I thought, how refreshing, a Asian Christian Fiction Author! I'm a Latina Christian Fiction author. My first novel, CHOOSE ME, was published this June (Walk Worthy Press/Warner Books). I hear you on not being able to write about the Katrina disaster. I feel the same way; haven't been able to post an entry on my blog since August 26 (I think).

    Just wanted to say "hey" & that you're not alone in the world of Multiculti Christian Fiction Authors.

    Author of CHOOSE ME
    “Told in alternating voices, this debut novel is the powerful story of a Latina and an African American man whose search for one another takes a detour through the perfect love of God.”
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  2. Camy, I understand how you felt. I stopped working on my novel for about two weeks. i need to start back today, but I am trying to complete a short story for the faith*in*fiction contest, which will be about Hurricane Katrina. Writing this short story has helped get out some of my frustration and sadness. Praying for you. You're always welcome to do a guest blog over at Christianfiction.

  3. Camy, I actually had to stop watching and reading Katrina news for three days to recover from the stress. I felt the way I did after 9-11, just overwhelmed and stressed and just stopping to weep every couple hours. So, for my sanity, I just turned it off, prayed for victims, gave a couple more times, and left it in the hands of those who were able to do more than I could.

    I will say that I've seen so much human compassion from online folks--who have opened their homes, their churches, their pockets--and from large and small groups. Our church voted the Sunday after Katrina hit Louisiana to give half our building fund to the disaster. And we added a collection that Sunday. So, clearly a lot of us realize this is HUGE and we need to DO and GIVE. The pastor and a group of the healthy and hardy from my church will be heading up to help rebuild a church that was damaged. So, at least we're pulling together as Americans.

    I hope we all continue to care, work and give, and focus on the positive--rebuilding faith, hope and lives--and stop with the partisan bickering and drama. Just do what needs to be done, learn and move on.

    So, now I ration my Katrina news. Cause some things are just too awful to think about too long in a day.

    Don't blame you for not blogging on it.

    Mir<--another Latina loose on your blog