Friday, May 06, 2005

Off to Hawaii

Captain's Log, Stardate 05.06.2005

I'm in the airport waiting to board my plane to Hawaii. It'll be the first time I've gone back home in about two years. Mom is excited I'll be there for Mother's Day.

I hate flying. I'm not a good traveler--I get antsy waiting around, I get motion sickness easily, and I get off the plane exhausted. Too bad my family lives in Hawaii, eh?

My husband isn't coming with me, he can't take off of work. I'm borrowing vacation, too, but Mom has wanted me to come home for a while and 1) the summer airfares to Hawaii are preposterous, and 2) my parents are traveling to California in the autumn, so it would be a bit redundant for me to fly home then.

Vent alert:

Work today (in fact, this whole week) was hard, because I had to set up a study before I left. For some reason, my supervisor didn't like the fact I had to leave early to go to the airport, but I had stayed an extra hour at work yesterday and I came in early today so I could get my full day's work done. Why is it such a problem for me to leave in the afternoon versus at 5 if I got in earlier in the morning? I just don't get it. It isn't as if I didn't get everything set up before I left. This is very frustrating. Somebody tell me I'm being logical, that this isn't wrong.

I'm going to miss my husband while I'm gone. I'll miss my dog too. But at the same time I'm really glad for this vacation away from work. It's been so stressful lately with little frustrations, and I'm happy to have a break.

I hope I get some writing done. I am praying that God helps me to plot my Hawaii Chicklit/suspense while I'm home. I need to make my heroine more 3-dimensional, and I need more cultural flavor to make the setting almost like a character itself.

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