Saturday, April 02, 2005

I feel spiritually blah

Captain’s Log, Stardate 04.02.2005

Still struggling with myself. I feel so lazy, so selfish. I want to do things my way, at the same time I want to completely submit to God. Paul, I feel your pain, dude.

I wrote my Real Life Q&A column for RubyZine for April: “I feel spiritually blah.” Might as well make use of my current status, what?

I advised my mythical teenager to just keep plugging along, that God has a reason for this season, and that it will eventually pass. Lord, help me to stay focused and faithful. Show me what doesn’t please You about my heart. Help me--break me if You have to--to align my will with Yours, my heart with Yours. Restore fellowship with me, Lord, to a vibrant connection again.

Writing: Revisions to my manuscript (what I’ve written so far) are done. Now to start cracking on finishing the rest.

Sharon mentioned my “instant attraction” between hero and heroine was a bit too much. I can see her point, and I’ve toned it down some. I’ve heard wonderful stories about love at first sight (between Christians as well as non-Christians), and wondered what it would feel like. Giving my characters the experience seemed a neat thing, plus it seemed to fit their personalities. They are both quite intense people. Well, I have to give the manuscript to my critters and see what they think.

Come to think of it, my heroine’s emotional reactions in my first manuscript, my Chicklit, were also rather over the top. I wonder if that’s a habit I have, of writing emotional scenes more highly charged than they should be. Something to think about.

Diet: Calorie count yesterday was good, plus the running made it great. I’m suffering a bit today because of the running. My body feels rather good but my cough is much worse. At least I’m not tired and headachy.

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