Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Guilty for not blogging

Captain's Log, Stardate 04.19.2005

Okay, I admit I should be writing--I have literally only three scenes left until I'm done with my manuscript--but I feel guilty for not blogging. Can you believe it? GUILTY. There is something seriously wrong with me. It's not even like I have anything deep, spiritual, encouraging or inspiring to say!

Writing is slow but wonderful. I finally realized that maybe the reason I was so distracted and unmotivated to finish this manuscript was because Satan didn't want me to. Spiritual warfare had been the last thing on my mind. And me being the weird person I am, that actually encouraged me because that meant my manuscript was important to God, or else Satan wouldn't bother tormenting me, he has tons of other missionaries and pastors to dig into.

Once I realized it was warfare, writing became easier. Or maybe I started praying more, I'm not sure. But now I'm three scenes from the end and very happy with what's on the page.

On a side note: Don't you love ribbing your husband about his old ex-girlfriends? He gets this sad, guilty look when in reality you could care less about the other women because you're the one he wanted to marry. Oh, I'm so mean.

I finally got "Dead of Night" by Brandilyn Collins. I'm saving it as a treat for when I finish my manuscript. I read the prologue and it's definitely intense. I have a feeling the prologue is so gruesome and evil specifically to warn the reader about the intensity of the story.

Diet: Doing good. I lost about two pounds in two weeks. I think I've been running for about two weeks now. I'm eating okay. Some days I eat better than others, but the exercise seems to be giving me some wiggle room. I started doing isometric exercises while I'm sitting in the car, driving to work. I only do about 10-12 minutes of it, but it does make me feel a little more awake. I'm hoping it kick-starts my metabolism a little bit.

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