Saturday, March 26, 2005

THEODORA'S WEDDING by Penny Culliford

THEODORA'S WEDDING by Penny Culliford

From the Back Cover:

I’ve actually done it! I’ve kept up my diary for over a year.

I may not have grown very much spiritually, nor have I been hailed as the next British supermodel, but I have gained a fiancÈ, even if he is football mad. And to cap it all, I weigh half a stone less than I did this time last year.

Welcome back to Theodora’s world. Now a bit older but not much wiser, thirty-something Theodora Llewellyn begins her second year as a diarist. And as usual, the results are endearing, hilarious and delightfully human.

Joy, bliss, ecstasy! Have just tried my holiday clothes on and they are actually too big! What a fabulous excuse to go and buy some new ones. Unfortunately, bank account doesn’t agree. Saving to get married is such a nuisance.

In her search for life, love and a plentiful supply of chocolate, Theodora discovers that the course of true love never runs smoothly, especially when a voice from the past precipitates a crisis. But fear not – Theodora’s humor and wit are up to the challenge. In the end, just one question remains unanswered: Exactly how much vitamin C is there in a chocolate orange?

Camy here:
This sequel to “Theodora’s Diary” is still saturated with dry British humor, but with a major change in cast. The loss of two major characters is not quite made up for by the colorful new Vicar, but the new character is vibrant, unexpected and perfect for the atmosphere of the story.

The main character Theodora seems to have become less shallow in this book, delving into deeper questions and more inner searching. It makes for a more emotional read than the first book.

Despite the differences when compared to the first book, this is still highly entertaining and a rollicking good read. Many of my friends who didn’t really like the first book enjoyed this one very much.


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