Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mt. Hermon cough

Captain’s Log, Stardate 03.30.2005

Mt. Hermon gave me a COLD. This racking cough just won’t go away, and I feel exhausted even though I had nine hours of sleep last night. Luckily, I don’t have a fever or congestion. I came home early from work today because I have to go in on Thursday and Friday to set up a big study.

I printed off almost all of my ACFW Noble Theme Contest entry. I forgot until today that the deadline is tomorrow. I’ll finish it tonight and get it in the mail tomorrow afternoon.

Wrote a kickin’ fight scene yesterday, helped by my “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” DVD. Hehe. I love the fight scenes--both watching and writing them. Maybe Chicklit/suspense/action is the right place for me.

I’m still revising the manuscript, almost done. When I’ve gotten to the point where I haven’t finished writing, I’ll send it to be critiqued while I finish the last few chapters. Efficient use of my time, yes?

I’ve been writing down all my tips and tricks for writing while working full time. I’d love to do a workshop on the subject someday. I think there would be lots of writers who would want to pick up ideas on how to juggle the Dreaded Day Job.

I finally knuckled down and cleaned up my office (Sharon, those stacks of books are GONE!). I can now see the carpet. My desk is clear, sort of. I have bills neatly stacked. I am so proud of myself. I now can put my relaxing candle right next to my monitor and allow the soothing flickering flame to ignite my creativity.


Actually, having the candle nearby is quite nice. I’m glad I finally cleared the crap from my desk. The lack of clutter allows me to feel better about writing--I’m not distracted by the mess and guilty over cleaning. It was as if the stuff all around me was actually making my brain feel cluttered, too, just by being there.

Diet: Ugh, I feel like a pig. I have been trying to go no starch for a few days and it’s impossible. I’m okay for lunch, usually, but once I’m home I pig out on veggie chips. Which are low fat, but still. I feel like Bridget Jones with this obsession with calories. Am I that neurotic? Don’t answer that.

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