Saturday, March 26, 2005

DOUBLE VISION by Randall Ingermanson

DOUBLE VISION by Randall Ingermanson

From the back cover:

Dillon Richard is a brilliant and meticulous engineer, respected by his coworkers at CypherQuanta, but he has never had a woman interested in him before. Now he's got two, and they've giving him double vision . . .

Rachel Meyers is a quirky, erratic biophysicist who has just developed a quantum computer that will change the world. If Rachel and Dillon can bring it to market, CypherQuanta will be worth billions. But someone is determined to steal the secret . . . and create a rift between Rachel and Dillon.

Keryn Wills is a mystery novelist and part-time chief financial officer at CypherQuanta. She desperately needs to keep Rachel and Dillon working together to finish the project, but she desperately doesn't want them to be friends. Somehow she needs to unravel this mystery -- before it unravels her.

Camy here:

Any suspense fans should run to buy this book. Each character is vivid and distinct, the action slams along non-stop, and the mystery keeps you absorbed until the end.

There is a small bit of geek speak to explain the quantum computer the bad guys are after. However, if the average reader doesn’t quite understand the underlying scientific principles, it doesn’t detract from enjoyment in this story.

Along with the aura of danger, Ingermanson’s quirky signature humor is woven into the pages without dissipating the tension. He gives accurate portrayals of the dot-com companies, the high-tech atmosphere, and the culture of southern California.

The characters are larger-than-life, with abilities to awe the reader and personalities to make you root for them. A romance thread keeps you guessing until the last page, literally.

The spiritual thread is both subtle and not. Nothing “in your face” or overtly evangelical, but this clean fiction will both entertain and provide insight into how true Christians think and live.

I have no qualms about lending this book to teenaged boys in my church youth group--it has the action to keep them riveted but also the clear message of Christian living, right decisions, standing up for truth.

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