Saturday, March 26, 2005

ADRENALINE by John B. Olson

ADRENALINE by John B. Olson

From the back cover:

Time is running out . . .

James Parker is waging a frantic search for a cure. Though he is a brilliant biochemistry student with a promising career ahead, a crippling disease is stealing his future. Now desperation threatens to carry him beyond the limits of medical ethics.

A phantom is terrorizing the campus . . .

The menace that haunts Darcy Willams's dreams is now threatening her friends and community. Can she muster the courage to confront her nemesis before further attacks?

Will they be able to expose the source of deadly evil?

Camy here:

This thriller had non-stop action and an unforgettable hero suffering from multiple sclerosis. Parker’s brilliant mind is contrasted by his weakened body, making the reader admire him for his abilities and sympathize with him as the underdog.

Clues unfold piece by piece in the drama around Parker’s accidental discovery of a possible cure for MS. Olson deftly braids various plot threads together and apart as the story progresses, joining everything together at the end for a satisfying and realistic conclusion.

There is constant danger in every chapter and exciting scenes that kept me up all night finishing this book. The title is very appropriate.

The geek speak is at a minimum. I had no troubles understanding the scientific background of the storyline.

This is an excellent contemporary take on Jekyll and Hyde, with a splash of medical science fiction and an intense portrayal of the protagonists’ emotional and spiritual struggles with “wholeness.” It is a plot-driven book, but the characters leap off the page and come to life.

I would recommend this book to any teenager, boy or girl, in my youth group, and any adult suspense fan.

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