Sunday, September 05, 2004

Youth group tonight


We had youth group tonight. I admit I was tired, lazy, and didn't want to go, but after I got together with the high schoolers for small group time, I was glad to be there. I enjoy asking them questions, pushing their limits, making them think. Many of them have gone to church all their lives and give pat answers, and I enjoy making them dig deeper, think harder, reflect on what they truly believe. Sometimes I go off on tangents--like I did tonight--but I do hope I helped them understand the bigger picture of what being a Christian is about.

I'm working on chapter one. A part of me is frustrated, because I feel like I'm trying too hard to be witty, original, entertaining. But shouldn't the first chapter sparkle? Except that it doesn't. What's lacking? I'm reading GETTING INTO CHARACTER by Brandilyn Collins and it helped me visualize the minor character much better, add cohesion to his actions. But the scene still falls flat. Compared to Trish's Chinese wedding banquet, this just doesn't have that vavoom.

Any words on paper are better than no words at all, but this is terribly disappointing. I better lift this to God in prayer. Maybe He's trying to tell me something. The only way to salvage this is with His help.

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