Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Well, I just finished my website: www.camytang.com. Whew, what a lot of tedious work. It's not as cool as when my friend Jude Chau did it for me, but until she opens her StudioLacquer web business again, I'm stuck with Geocities. I'm very thankful that my friend Steve Lee had his graphic designer friend create my graphic from the picture of my mon, my Japanese family crest. It turned out terrific!

Two more days, and then I'll be flying to Denver, Colorado for the ACRW conference. I'm very excited. I'm especially looking forward to meeting Pammer, Heather and Squirl, my friends from the Steeple Hill eHarlequin discussion boards.

I need to put together my pitch for my series. I'll get a chance to practice with Meredith and her other mentees on Thursday, I think. Better get crackin'!

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