Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Star Trek Voyager


Great news today from Sharon Hinck--while her proposal for "Crouching Children, Hidden Laundry" was turned down by one house, another was fired up to read the entire manuscript. I'm so glad for her, she's worked so hard the past few years to perfect her writing and keep everything in God's hands. She's a marvelous woman of God. I'm so thankful God introduced us at Mt. Hermon.

I need to get writing done today. Once I do that, I'll treat myself to my latest DVD from Netflix. I've been renting the discs from the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager and thoroughly enjoying it. Since I've been studying plotlines and character development, I've been noticing how the writing on Voyager keeps to a rather high standard. Characters are much more interesting than Next Generation, a bit more complex and 3-dimensional. Storylines have clear disasters that box the characters in, requiring the lead character for the episode to make some sort of crucial choice that drives the ending. Dwight Swain would be proud. :-) Some episodes are not as good as others, but on a whole, the series has been very interesting for me. Some of the storyline ideas are brilliant and innovative. I wouldn't know if the science is plausible or a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but it's vastly entertaining.

Off to write some. I need to prep for the conference, too.


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