Friday, September 24, 2004



From Publisher's Weekly:

In the year 2134, Dr. Graysha Brady-Phillips comes to Goddard, humanity's newest habitable world. An inherited genetic disorder promises that she will die an early death, and although her stated purpose on Goddard is to work as a soils microbiology specialist, Graysha's secret goal is to seek out the reported gene-healers known as the Lwuites for assistance. But human gene tampering is illegal, and her search for healing is soon twisted by those who would prosecute the Lwuites. Someone wants Graysha dead, however, and the planet itself is in danger of destruction.

Camy here:
I thought this was a terrific story. I'm very satisfied with the way Kathy Tyers rewrote her original "Shivering World." She writes so intelligently, I have to--I WANT to--read slowly to absorb and follow what's going on. She has SUCH an incredible grasp of sociology and politics and power struggles, it blows my mind. It makes the characters, their actions, and the storyline emminently believable. I'm also a biologist, so following how she imagines biological science will "evolve" in the future is intriguing to me.

Her novels are always incredibly deep and colorful and complex. The characters in this rewrite of the original story are rich and varied--each has something important to win or lose, which drives their actions. No one is two-dimensional. Well, except for the research technician with the three-sentence role. :-) The book ends on a satisfying note, but it also ends in a way that could segue into a sequel or a series like her Firebird trilogy. I hope that's in the works, I'd be totally stoked. The characters she has created in this book have enough conflicts and chemistry to pull that off, I believe.

I'd buy this book for any science-fiction lover. The author has created a sweeping canvas with infinite possibilities in this fictional world and its characters. I am hoping she's writing more in this setting.

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  1. Kathy Tyers rocks! I haven't read this one though. I'll look for it. :)