Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pray and let God worry


Today at work I was called on in a meeting to present results, which I wasn't expecting. But more than that, I had been so busy doing hoodwork and benchwork that I hadn't spent enough time looking at the data to observe trends and formulate my own conclusions (in conjunction with the conclusions my supervisor makes). I floundered through the presentation of the data, and later talked with my supervisor. I asked her to allow me more time away from the hood and bench to let me look over the study results. She completely understood my desire and hopefully I'll be able to understand the studies better.

My friend Pamela James ( IM'd me last night and we chatted. She told me about a quote from Martin Luther, I think: Pray and let God worry. That's a terrific quote. Every time I started feeling anxious today, I remembered that and started praying. Too often I forget to pray. Now why is that? Shouldn't that be the first thing I do? I need more communion with God, in thanksgiving, in fear and reverence, in love and worship. I hope I can start praying more often--praying like breathing, constant, like second nature.

Tomorrow I fly to Denver. Lord God, please watch over me as I travel, and over everyone else traveling to the conference.

I finished my pitch for my series. I hope it's okay. I should bring the pitch for my ms, too. I need to pack. I hope I don't forget anything!

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