Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Product Review: @Brightechshop Lightview 2 in 1 lamp

About a month ago I got the opportunity to choose a lamp from Brightech for review, and I picked the Lightview 2 in 1. It’s a lamp and it also has a magnifier, and it can be used as a floor lamp or as a desk lamp.

I purposely did not ask my husband for help to set the lamp up, because I wanted to see how easy it was to set up by myself, and I did it all within fifteen or twenty minutes. The only thing was that the base of the lamp is extremely heavy so I had to be careful when picking it up. But the heavy base also makes the lamp extremely stable, even on the carpet of my office. My previous (cheapo) floor lamp had a light base and was rather unsteady on the carpet. The lamp is a bit large for the top of my coffee table, as you can see, so I ended up putting it on the floor next to me.

The lamp has an option to add an extender so that you could use this with a table and the magnifier would be right at a usable height. However, when I work, I switch between a standing desk and sitting on the floor and using my kotatsu, which is a Japanese coffee table, and I do my knitting on the floor, so I removed the extender and use the lamp with just the flexible arm. (I apologize in advance for my messy desk space and the tea stains on the carpet!)

I took some pictures of my knitting, which is a twisted stitch sweater in black tweed. (Yeah, I know I’m a masochist.) The light is pretty bright and I could see the twisted stitches easily, despite the black color. I also took a picture under the magnifier, but I didn’t really need the magnifier when knitting the sweater.

Actually, I originally wanted the Lifespan 2 floor lamp, but it was out of stock. However, I found out it was better that I got the Lightview 2 in 1 because I ended up needing the magnifier when I was sewing the zipper to my sweater.

I wanted to publish this review a few weeks ago, but I ended up postponing it so that I could get good pictures of sewing the zipper. It was actually good I postponed, because I was able to really use the magnifier for the zipper. I hadn’t used the magnifier at all when knitting the sweater because the twisted stitches were pretty easy to see thanks to the bright light of the lamp, but the zipper was a different story since I was sewing it with needle and thread, and the thread was, of course, black.

My finished sweater:

The Lightview 2 in 1 lamp ended up being exactly what I needed to finish this project. Not only is it nice and bright so that I don’t need the magnifier most of the time, but the magnifier is nice to have when I have to do more detailed work like sewing the *&^%$ zipper to the sweater. When I need to get another lamp for my home, I would definitely choose Brightech. The quality of the lamp really exceeded my expectations.

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