Monday, January 23, 2017

Dog sweater/villains

It’s cold here in California! We need the rain but my poor dog is getting older and seems to feel the cold more this year. I’m making her a dog sweater using 3-color Tunisian crochet and the general dimensions of this dog sweater pattern on

On the writing front, I’m working on the 2nd book in my Lady Wynwood series and trying to figure out my villain. I find I go to movies, TV, and novels for inspiration—I think real-life “bad guys” are too complex, psychologically, for me to use as fictional inspiration. Do you have favorite villains in movies, TV, or fiction? I could use some ideas.


  1. So, you crochet too. How is the dog sweater coming along?

    1. I should post a picture of it, although it doesn't look much different from above. It ended up being a bit too big, but that might be better since I didn't want it being too snug when she lies down.

      Tunisian crochet is pretty much the only crochet I do. I've followed a couple crochet patterns from, but in general I can't really crochet well. My stitches end up being too uneven.