Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gerard pulled his mouth wide in what he hoped looked like a smile and passed Miss Church-Pratton a fir branch.

“Oh, Captain Foremont, are you certain your leg is not paining you?” She gave him a soulful look that brought out the blue of her eyes.

“I am perfectly well, Miss Church-Pratton.” Gerard ignored the ache in his knee.

“I do appreciate your help but I would not wish to cause further injury to you.”

He seemed to be mostly recovered from the events of this morning. He moved a little more slowly and he was not climbing ladders in order to help decorate the chandelier, but he was perfectly able to collect greenery and deliver it to the women who arranged it around the house. Unfortunately, Miss Church-Pratton seemed to call him quite incessantly for more greenery.

—From The Spinster's Christmas

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