Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Terralton Abbey from PRELUDE FOR A LORD

When I wrote Prelude for a Lord, I admit I put Lord Dommick’s home in there deliberately.

I had visited Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, England, and fell in LOVE, and I knew I wanted to have that house and grounds in my book somehow. So when coming up with Dommick’s character and family, I modeled his family seat, Terralton Abbey, after Newstead Abbey, which was the home of the poet Lord Byron.

This is the front of the house, including the circular driveway that Dommick drives up to. I placed the front door a little differently but essentially Terralton Abbey looks the same.

Here is what the front of the house looked like in 1880:

This is the back of the house with one of its lovely gardens:

Here is the square pool and woody lawn area where Alethea plays with Margaret:

And here is the lovely river bank and grotto where Alethea and Dommick kiss:

Sigh! I wish I could go back there again!

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