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Lady Wynwood #7 early release Kickstarter

I worked on my first Kickstarter and it got approved! It’s for the Special Edition Hardcover of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 1: Archer and the release of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 7: Spinster. I contacted my graphic designer about the Special Edition Hardcover of vol. 1: Archer—it’s going to be SO beautiful! The Kickstarter focuses on the Special Edition Hardcover, but it’ll also include vol. 7: Spinster so that it’ll sort of be like a launch day for vol. 7, too. A third special thing that’ll be in the Kickstarter is Special Edition Paperbacks of all the books in the series. They won’t be available in stores, just in the Kickstarter (and later, from my website, and also in my Patreon book box tiers if I decide to do them). The Kickstarter is not live yet, but you can follow it to be alerted when it has launched. (You may need to create a free Kickstarter account.) Follow Camy’s Kickstarter

Grace Livingston Hill romances free on Google Books

I wanted to update my old post on Grace Livingston Hill romances because now there are tons more options for you to be able to read her books for free online!

I’m a huge Grace Livingston Hill fan. Granted, not all her books resonate with me, but there are a few that I absolutely love, like The Enchanted Barn and Crimson Roses. And the best part is that she wrote over 100 books and I haven’t yet read them all! When I have time, I like to dive into a new GLH novel.

I like the fact that most of them are romances, and I especially appreciate that they all have strong Christian themes. Occasionally the Christian content is a little heavy-handed for my taste, but it’s so interesting to see what the Christian faith was like in the early part of the 20th century. These books are often Cinderella-type stories or A Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett) type stories, which I love.

And the best part is that they’re all set in the early 1900s, so the time period is absolutely fascinating! GLH wrote from before 1900 through the 1940s, and her books reflect what was, to her, “current” culture. Reading from her characters’ points of view about the flappers of the 20s or the soldiers and families during both world wars is really interesting to me.

Her books have been reprinted several times, mostly recently in paperback forms by Bantam, Tyndale, and Barbour. I have actually bought all her books in epub format from Barbour Books, which has recently re-released them with beautiful new covers and “very light” (their words) editing.

Over the past several years, has worked with libraries to scan books that would otherwise be discarded so that a digital copy can be made available for people to borrow all around the world. Among those books are several Grace Livingston Hill books! You can borrow them for an hour at a time and read them online, and if it takes you longer, just renew your borrowing time at the end of an hour.

Some books are so long out of copyright that you can also download a pdf copy to read on your computer or ebook reader from or Google Books. (In general, the books scanned by are better quality because sometimes you get skewed pages and photos of fingertips from the scans by Google, so I have linked to below if they have a copy available.) Also, some of those titles have been made into corrected .epub files by so you can read the epub rather than a pdf scan.

For the ones out of copyright that are on and Google Books, both the .epub and .pdf files are available for you to download. However, the .epub versions were created by processing the .pdf file with a word recognition software to translate it into a book file and there are often typos because the process isn’t perfect.

The epub files from, however, were edited so that there are no typos, and I have found that to be a more pleasant reading experience.

For the out of copyright books, I like to download the .pdf files because those are the actual scanned pages from the original hardcover books, and when I read it on my computer or if I sideload it onto my ebook reader, it’s almost like holding the original hardcover book in my hands, minus the silverfish and weak binding and weird library smell. :)

(If you have a Kindle, you can send the .epub files to Amazon to email to your Kindle. I’m not certain how to sideload .pdf files to your Kindle, but I know it’s possible.)

I thought I’d link to the free GLH books I found online in case any of you would like to read them! This list has been updated in August of 2020, but there could be lots more available after this blog post is published, and some titles have more than one copy on, so I do encourage you to check out and for yourself.

Also, not all of her books are available to read for free online. From what I could tell, does not have:
Beauty for Ashes
By Way of the Silverthorns
Mary Arden
Rainbow Cottage
The Ransom
Stranger Within the Gates
Through These Fires
The White Lady
Some of her short story collections

For those books, you’re stuck buying a copy. As an author myself, I would like to suggest you not buy a used copy since the author gets no royalties from that.

So if you enjoy one of her books or want to read something not available for free online, I highly recommend you buy one of the Barbour Books (Love Endures) epub versions. There are some versions by other small presses, but I have found that they tend to have lots of typos in the text, which ruins the reading experience for me, while Barbour has several editors going over the book before publication. These epub versions are available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and

I also want to mention that several of these books are available as free Librivox audiobook recordings or paid audiobook recordings on

According to the Pattern

Miriam Winthrop is ready to fight fire with fire. Her marriage vows were made to be kept, not empty words that now were echoing from room to room in her lonely home. Her husband, Claude, has become infatuated with another woman. To win his heart back again, Miriam must become all that "the other woman" is and more - a woman of sophistication and beauty.

First published in 1903, this is a slightly different kind of story, but I enjoyed it. You can download the pdf from Google Books or borrow to read online at

All Through the Night

Dale Huntley's life changed dramatically when her precious grandmother died. All alone, Dale had to face the bitterness and greed of her relatives who were trying to claim her home. But Dale's greatest sorrow was that her beloved was at war--and he might never return. Then Dale's deep faith and gentle love begin to change her self-centered family, and a hope starts to build in her heart that love truly can triumph over all.

I remember first buying this as an epub when it was one of the first Grace Livingston Hill books published in ebook format by Howard Books. First published in 1945, you can borrow and read online.


George Horton was handsome and wealthy, and he had all but swept lovely Amorelle Dean off her feet with his unexpected marriage proposal. Amorelle accepted, but as time passed she became more and more doubtful. Could they really be happy when George, for all his words of love, didn't seem to know or care about Amorelle's thoughts, beliefs, or innermost feelings? Then, as if in answer to her prayers for guidance, Amorelle unexpectedly found herself sharing a wonderful day with another man. A man who seemed to speak the language of her heart. Now she knew what true love could be--and what she must do. But was it too late to change her mind?

First published in 1934, I really enjoyed this book which talks about Christian and non-Christian marriages. You can borrow and read online.

The Angel of His Presence

A young man fresh from his travels abroad returns home with his thoughts centered on a woman of high society. The gift of a painting begins his journey to something more wonderful than all the wonders of the world.

First published in 1902, you can download the pdf from

April Gold

Marilla Reed had everything she could want growing up. She knew that life held only the best for her. Then, one tragic day, her father is brought home unconscious. Suddenly, Marilla finds her life changed dramatically--and not for the better! Plunged into poverty, forced to move to a tumbledown cottage on the poor side of town, Marilla and her family must learn a new way of life . . . and a new way of survival. But who will protect Marilla from her dangerous new neighbors? Has she lost all hope of finding happiness--and the love--she longs for?

First published in 1936, you can borrow and read online.

Ariel Custer

Virginia-bred Ariel Custer is in serious trouble. She came to the small town of Glenside, hoping to find a home and friends. Instead, she found disappointment and indifference. Until she met handsome young Judson Granniss, who brought her true friendship--and love. Finally it seemed Ariel would have the happiness she deserved. Then a woman mysteriously disappears. And when an unidentified body is discovered, evidence of a murder begins to pile up--evidence that points to Ariel and Judson as the primary suspects! Can the lovers find the truth before it is too late, before their happiness is shattered and their future is destroyed?

First published in 1925, you can borrow and read online.

Aunt Crete’s Emancipation

Meek, work-worn Aunt Crete didn't mind staying home while her sister and niece hurried off to the seashore for a holiday with their high-society friends. The thought of having her other sister's son, Donald, all to herself brought unaccustomed happiness to Aunt Crete's heart. But how was she going to explain Carrie and Luella's rude departure to the man they had scorned as a "backwoods cousin," even though none of them had ever met him. Ah well, Aunt Crete knew she would love Donald, no matter what. But the man who comes knocking on Aunt Crete's door is tall and handsome -- and it quickly becomes clear that the disapproving Carrie and selfish Luella have made a decision they will come to regret. Aunt Crete alone enters the fairytale world her benevolent nephew has come to offer …

The Grace Livingston Hill website has a great feature with more information about the book and the time period, which was sometime before 1910. I read this one a long time ago and remember really enjoying it. It’s not a romance per se, but it’s a sweet book. You can download the pdf from Google Books, or you can get the epub from Gutenberg.

Because of Stephen

After the death of her stepfather and mother, Margaret sets off with all her worldly possessions to the West where her stepbrother has settled. She comes armed with her love for her brother and her faith in Christ to a wild, uncivilized land that is unlike anything she has ever known.

This was published in 1904 and you can download the pdf from Google Books.

The Beloved Stranger

Only minutes before Sherrill is to marry Carter, the man of her dreams, she discovers him in the arms of another woman. When Sherrill finds that the other woman is desperately in love with Carter, she decides the wedding must go on--with the other woman as the bride! Later, as Sherrill arrives at the church to watch the wedding that should have been hers, she stumbles out of the car--and falls into the arms of a passing stranger. When Sherrill looks up to apologize, she sees a tall, handsome man whose piercing eyes seem to see deep within her. Shaken and distressed, Sherrill lets the man help her into the church. He stays close beside her throughout the ceremony and is her encouragement and support through the rest of that painful day. Soon he is no longer a stranger . . . and more than a friend.

First published in 1933, you can borrow and read it on

The Best Man

A young man in the employ of the government secret service is sent from Washington to New York on a delicate mission. On his return, with the papers for which he had been sent in his possession, he is obliged to evade pursuit. Followed by his enemies, he takes refuge in the vestibule of a church, where he is received joyously by a group of people who seem to take him for a missing member of a wedding party. He finds himself propelled up the aisle and is under the impression that he is acting as the best man. It is only when the ceremony is nearly over that he realizes that he is being married.

This is one I haven’t read yet, but it was highly recommended by a friend on Goodreads. First published in 1914, you can download the pdf from

The Big Blue Soldier

Aunt Marilla Chadwick wants to find a young man for her lovely young friend, Mary Amber. She sees a tall young soldier walking slowly toward her house. It doesn't matter that his uniform is bedraggled and dirty or that she had never seem him before in her life, for Aunt Marilla has an idea, a plan, a sudden inspiration--and soon she, Mary Amber, and the mysterious soldier are all entangled in an adventure that will change their lives forever.

This was a short book, but I enjoyed it. First published in 1923, you can download the pdf from and the epub from Gutenberg.

Blue Ruin

Lynette and Dana had loved each other since childhood. Scholarly, handsome Dana knew he could mold Lynette--who had never challenged his authority or commitment to what was right--into the perfect "preacher's wife." Then a sophisticated beauty from New York comes to visit Dana's family. Before long, Dana seems captivated--and grows more and more critical of Lynette. Confused and hurt, Lynette reluctantly leaves on a family trip to Europe, plagued by questions and doubts: Will Dana walk into temptation? Has Lynette left her beloved in the grip of another woman? Then Lynette meets a gentle, handsome stranger who brings her unexpected understanding and friendship--and whose striking blue eyes seem to see into her very soul. Suddenly she finds herself faced with an even more important question . . . one that may change her life forever.

First published in 1928, you can borrow and read online.


Marjorie Wetherill had always known she was an adopted child; her adoptive parents, the Wetherills, whom Marjorie loved deeply, had made no secret of it. Their death leaves Marjorie well provided for but terribly lonely. Soon she is consumed with the desire to find the family she has never known. But how can she find them when she knows nothing about them--and when Evan Brower, her handsome, wealthy neighbor, seems determined to make her forget about her unknown family entirely? Then Marjorie finds a letter from Mrs. Wetherill, written shortly before her death, in which she tells Marjorie her real father's name and last known address! And so Marjorie's search begins--a search for a family to call her own; a search that will ultimately change her life and bring her a love more wonderful than anything she has ever known.

I really enjoyed this story! First published in 1937, you can borrow and read online.

Bright Arrows

Left alone after her beloved father's death, lovely young Eden Thurston struggles to hold her life and faith together. Then she receives help from two unexpected sources: letters left to her by her father and written by her mother when Eden was just a child, and a handsome young lawyer who comes to help her settle her father's estate. The letters give Eden the loving and wise counsel she so urgently needs, helping her overcome difficulty and danger at the hands of deceitful men and scheming relatives. And the young lawyer helps discover a new dimension of faith--and love.

I bought this book when it first came out in epub by Howard Books! First published in 1946, you can borrow and read online.

The Challengers

The Challenger family pulls together when faced with desperate times. Father has been hospitalized for a long time, and money is hard to come by in the 1930s. Mother takes to her bed while Phyllis tries to manage her siblings and their income, but they may default on rent and lose their home in the middle of winter… unless a miracle happens. Can the Challengers hold on long enough to see an end to their troubles?

I really enjoyed this one. First published in 1932, you can borrow and read it on

The Chance of a Lifetime

Sherrill and Alan, lifetime friends, have always known they belonged together. But when Sherrill is invited to New York to visit her wealthy relatives and Alan is offered a chance to travel to Egypt and take part in an important archaeological dig, the offers seem like the chance of a lifetime. But there is more to these offers than meets the eye. Sherrill's aunt has her own plans for her niece, plans that would horrify Sherrill if she knew; Alan must decide if he will sacrifice his family for his career. Are these the real "chances of a lifetime" they appear to be? Or will Sherrill and Alan miss their chance to learn what true happiness is?

First published in 1931, you can borrow and read it on

A Chautauqua Idyl

Grace’s first published book was A Chautauqua Idyll. Published in 1887, Grace wrote the book in an effort to earn enough money to take the family to the Chautauqua Lake program in New York when her father’s health had forced them to move to Florida. It was the beginning of a long and productive writing career.

I haven’t read this one, yet, but I was happy to get an ebook copy from Gutenberg since it’s hard to find in paperback. There are several scanned copies you can download for free from and Google Books.

The Christmas Bride

When Greg Sterling glances out his hotel window one bleak afternoon, he's startled to see a young woman slip from the park bench where she had been sitting and fall in a crumpled heap to the ground. He races to the woman's aid and vows to help her overcome her desperate circumstances. Soon though, he realizes that his interest in Margaret is more than that of a benefactor. Captivated by her beauty and indomitable spirit, Greg knows he's falling in love. But before he can share his feelings with Margaret, she disappears without a trace!

First published in 1934, you can borrow and read one of the early hardcover copies on

The City of Fire

Lynn, the beautiful daughter of a small town minister, is deeply troubled by the barrier which has come between her and her former playmate, Mark. When Billy engages in a thoughtless prank in which Mark is mistaken for the son of a wealthy family, he is kidnapped and taken to a secluded house in the mountains. But that same night, when the lover of Mark's friend Cherry is shot and killed, Mark is accused of the murder, and cannot prove an alibi. Billy is afraid to tell the truth, but he alone can save Mark from this black affair. Will Lynn's faith be enough to bring strength and shine a beacon of light and truth onto Mark's most uncertain faith?

First published in 1922, you can download the pdf of what looks like an original first print hardcover copy on, and also the epub from Gutenberg.

Cloudy Jewel

Gentle, lovely Julia Cloud has devoted her life to caring for others. Now, after her invalid mother's death, she is without the financial means to live on her own. But she dreads accepting her selfish younger sister's offer to go and live with her and take care of her demanding children. Then, just when Julia resigns herself to a bleak future as a servant in her sister's home, something amazing happens! Julia's lively young niece and nephew, her deceased brother's children, turn up on her doorstep with a thrilling proposition. Suddenly Julia is thrown into an exciting adventure--and she discovers more happiness and love than she ever dreamed she could have!

I remember reading this one a long time ago and absolutely loving it! It was published in 1920 and you can download a pdf copy from Google Books or an epub from Gutenberg.

Coming Through the Rye

The much-loved daughter of a good family, Romayne Ransom led a sheltered life. Then, one tragic day, her world came crashing down around her. And it was all handsome Evan Sherwood's fault, for he was the one who had come out of nowhere and accused her brother and father for committing horrible crimes! And now--now that Romayne's brother has run away and her father has suffered a serious stroke--Evan Sherwood wants to be her friend and help her! Why can't he just leave her alone? That's what Romayne wants...or is it?

Originally published in 1926, you can borrow and read online.

Crimson Mountain

Beautiful Laurel Sheridan, once wealthy and sheltered, is now orphaned and nearly destitute. Undaunted, Laurel gets a job teaching in the little town of Carrollton, near beautiful Crimson Mountain. Then she encounters handsome Phil Pilgrim, who is home from the army to sell his family homestead to the government for a munitions plant. Thrown together by a freak accident in which Phil saves Laurel's life, the two discover a deep friendship that quickly blooms into much more. And though Phil must return to his army duties, Laurel is secure in the knowledge of his love. Then one night she overhears a group of men plotting to blow up the new munitions plant! Unsure who she can trust in the small town, Laurel desperately tries to contact Phil, seeking his aid and counsel. But will he be able to save her from the web of deceit and danger that is slowly closing around her, threatening her life and her country?

Originally published in 1942, you can borrow and read online.

Crimson Roses

Alone in the city, Marion struggles to survive. Desperate to find a small bit of happiness, she impulsively spends some of her hard earned and terribly meager money on a season ticket to the symphony. On the night of the second concert, something wonderful happens. There, on Marion's seat in the concert hall, lies a beautiful, dark crimson rose! And every week after that, she finds yet another beautiful, fresh rose waiting for her at the concert hall! Marion is torn between joy at receiving the beautiful flowers and worry at not knowing who could be sending them. Then, suddenly, Marion's mystery flowers lead her into the confusing world of a wealthy man--and make her the target of a society beauty's dangerous envy. . . .

This is one of my absolutely FAVORITES from Grace Livingston Hill! Originally published in 1928, you can borrow and read online.

A Daily Rate

Longing for the warmth and love she had known growing up with her Aunt Hannah, Celia Murray vowed to make the best of the dreary Philadelphia boarding house that was her new "home." Then an unexpected inheritance promised to make all her dreams come true. She sent for her aunt and they began to transform the shabby boarding house into a comfortable home for the boarders who had become her family. But a gift more miraculous soon came in the person of handsome Horace Stafford, minister of the mission chapel. Finally, Celia had met a man whose faith and compassion matched her own--but could she ever dare to confess the deepest secret of her heart?

Published in 1900, now available as a free pdf download, but you can also borrow the paperback version on

Daphne Deane

Lovely Daphne Deane is a small-town girl who has been trained for a life of faith and simple devotion. Then she falls helplessly in love with architect Keith Morrell, who is investigating a series of mysterious happenings at his deserted family home--and who is engaged to another woman! Suddenly Daphne finds herself drawn into a world of money and social intrigue as her faith is tested to its limits.

I really enjoyed this book. Published in 1937, you can borrow it online.

Dawn of the Morning

Though Dawn lived in a world of affluence, she couldn't find the comfort and love she so desperately needed. Her stepmother despised her, and her father ignored her. Then one day they came to her with shocking news: she was to be married--to the man of their choice. Now it was Dawn's wedding day. She knew she should be filled with joy and anticipation. Instead, all she felt was hopelessness. For Dawn had finally found a man she could love, a man who seemed to understand her deepest thoughts and most-cherished feelings. A man who was her fiance's brother …

I was really glad to get this on ebook because this was one book I didn’t have--I just never was able to find a copy. This was published in 1911 and you download a pdf version from Google Books or the epub from Gutenberg.


Brilliant and beautiful Carol Berkley suddenly finds herself faced with the greatest challenge of her young life. When an accident befalls her employer, circumstances force Carol to assume authority and take over the company business. As she embarks on her first business trip, Carol determines to prove her capabilities--never dreaming that she would face danger and corruption that would threaten her life! In the midst of her perils, Carol wonders who she can trust. Certainly not handsome Philip Duskin for, despite what her heart tells her, he appears to be incompetent and untrustworthy. Then, as she is about to be overwhelmed, Carol decides to follow her heart and discovers the meaning of trust--and love.

Published in 1929, you can borrow it online.

The Enchanted Barn

Thanks to daughter Shirley's courage and resourcefulness, the homeless Hollisters were able to transform a deserted stone barn into a delightful residence. Their ingenuity even astounded the rich young landlord, Sidney Graham, who found the place a new haven of happiness, especially when Shirley was there. But his glad willingness to help them renovate worried her Shirley could never accept charity, and she feared that he would one day forsake them and return to his world of wealth now that she was falling helplessly in love with him.

One of my FAVORITE GLH books out of all the ones I’ve read!!! It was published in 1918 and you download a pdf version from or the epub from Gutenberg.

Exit Betty

Soon-to-be heiress Betty Stanhope is a runaway bride, but not for the usual reasons - she didn't flee because of a change of heart. Reluctant about the wedding at the outset, the dutiful Betty reaches the altar to find that her groom is a different man altogether and someone she's dreaded most of her life! Before the wedding can proceed, she is taken to a room to recover from her fainting spell. She finds a way to escape and has the good fortune to happen upon a quick-witted factory girl, Jane Carson, who bundles Betty, frothy wedding gown and all, to her room. They hatch a plan to move Betty to Jane's family in the country. Living with the impoverished Carsons teaches Betty many things: love of family, love of God, and the importance of standing up for herself. When her would-be groom advertises a $5,000 reward for her recovery, the wheels of good and evil are set in motion, and the chase is on!

This was published in 1920 and you download a pdf version from Google Books or the epub from Gutenberg.

The Finding of Jasper Holt

That fateful night of the train crash their lives became entwined. And, despite the wild stories of Jasper Holt's past, young Jean Grayson's heart would never belong to anyone but this handsome stranger who had saved her life. But Jasper knew her family would forbid their love, so he made a promise to her that would one day prove his virtue to all those who swore to keep them apart …

This is another book where I never managed to get a paperback copy so I was glad to get this on ebook! This was published in 1916 and you can download the pdf of what looks like the original first print hardcover on

Found Treasure

Effie Martin was humiliated! Lawrence Earle, the football hero, was coming back from college, and all the girls were planning a big picnic for him. She had been planning to go, too--until she overheard the girls saying they didn't want her along because she was too rough, too much of a tomboy. Well, she'd show them. She could be as much a lady as any of them! Or could she? Almost immediately Effie found herself caught in a struggle between "acting ladylike" and being herself--a struggle she was afraid of losing. Then suddenly, wonderfully, an act of heroism throws Effie into an extraordinary friendship with the football star himself! And she begins the thrilling journey of becoming a woman who understands strong faith and lasting love.

This was one of the first Grace Livingston Hill books I ever read! I happened to find a paperback copy at my local Waldenbooks and devoured it when I got home. It was published in 1928 and you can borrow it to read online.

The Girl from Montana

A family tragedy leaves Elizabeth alone in the vast Montana wilderness fleeing for her life from a man who desires to possess her. Along her perilous journey she meets a mysterious lost traveler on a path of his own. Elizabeth's journey to reunite with her family becomes on of danger, friendship and of learning who the Lord to whom she prays really is. As she makes her way East...will she find the home she is longing for and the love she has always desired?

This book was in an old paperback Barbour anthology but I never got around to reading it, and now I have an epub copy so I can read it on my ebook reader. This was published in 1908 and you can download the pdf of what looks like the original first print hardcover on and the epub from Gutenberg.

The Girl of the Woods

Shocked by the news of his father's plans to remarry, young Revel Radcliffe flees to the woods he loves, hoping that the tranquility will bring peace to his troubled soul. But his sorrowful contemplation is disturbed by the appearance of a lovely young woman who has come to the woods to pick flowers. Gently she reaches out to offer Revel comfort and the gift of faith. Separated now by miles and years, the memory of his sweet encounter with the "girl of the woods" brings Revel the courage to face a frightening and uncertain future--and the promise of a love that can overcome his past.

First published in 1942, there are a couple copies you can borrow and read on

A Girl to Come Home To

In A Girl to Come Home To, Rodney Graeme is a hero returning home. Everyone comes to greet him...including Jessica, the woman who left him for a richer man. Jessica's husband wants to use his wife--and Rodney's feelings for her--to his own advantage. Suddenly Rodney finds himself entangled in an espionage plot--until he meets a young girl whose faith shows him how to overcome any obstacle.

First published in 1945, you can borrow the scanned paperback on

The Gold Shoe

Wealthy, spoiled Tasha Endicott likes to have fun, and nothing is going to make her miss the party at her friend's magnificent country estate. But the blizzard that rages outside is more than she had bargained for. When she is abandoned at a deserted train station, Tasha's search for a good time becomes a desperate search for survival.Then, just as she begins to lose consciousness, Tasha hears the voice of a stranger—a voice that beckons her to a life she never even dreamed existed.

First published in 1930, you can borrow and read it on

Happiness Hill

Poverty-stricken, hard-working Jane Arleth could not shake the feeling that she did not belong in Lew Lauderdale's wealthy and sophisticated world. Still, he had taken great pains to see her and made no secret of the fact that he had fallen in love with her beauty. What harm could there be in sampling some of the carefree pleasures he and his circle of friends had to offer? But instead of finding the happiness she seeks, Jane suffers terrible humiliation and pain when she discovers the truth about Lauderdale's world--and about herself. Then, just when Jane feels she has nowhere to turn, she finds help from a mysteriously familiar gray-eyed gentleman …

First published in 1932, there are several copies available to borrow on

Head of the House

When tragedy befalls the Graeme family, young Jennifer suddenly finds herself in the position of head of the house over her six younger brothers and sisters. When she overhears her relatives making plans to take over the family estate and split her family up, Jennifer decides it is time to act. They must run away! Finally, hidden from prying relatives and strangers in a small cottage in the mountains, Jennifer and her family seem to be safe--until disaster strikes! One of the youngest children gets lost in the forest, and another falls dangerously ill. But, miraculously, in the midst of fear and despair, Jennifer finds the true source of strength--and an unexpected love.

First published in 1940, you can borrow on

The Honeymoon House and Other Stories

Beautiful, talented Angela has a problem. She's engaged to a man who courageously saved her from a burning building but who has been away a long, long time. She knews he will return someday, but she's not sure when. Until then, she has her own life live! Certainly her fiance won't mind that she is investing her energy in her career, or that she spends time entertaining herself with friends who happen to be men. Then Angela finds out that her fiance is returning sooner than she expected... and suddenly she realizes she is not at all ready for him! Also includes: Life out of Death, The Minister's Son, The Old Guard, The House across the Hedge, The Wedding Garment, The Divided Battle, The Strange God, The Lost Message, "My Brother's Keeper"

This is another anthology of GLH’s short stories. First published in 1932, you can borrow and read it on

The Honor Girl

Pretty, young Elsie Hathaway was good at everything. She had received every honor imaginable in whatever she did. But on an errand to her father's home, Elsie suddenly realized that there was much more to accomplish in life. Her father had fallen on bad times, and her two brothers desperately needed her guidance. Could she meet the challenge of caring for her needy family? And would she ever be able to earn the respect of the doubting young man who kept watch over her?

I keep meaning to read this because it comes very highly recommended on Goodreads. First published in 1927, you can borrow and read it on

In the Way

From the moment she entered their farmhouse, Ruth Benedict changed the lives of her newly-discovered brothers. She was orphaned, alone; they were the family she never dreamed she had. She brought them wealth beyond imagining--knowledge, love, faith, and material comforts they had never known before. But with her gifts would come an awesome challenge, to her wary, brothers and the entire community of Summerton too quick to judge the beautiful young girl who gave without reservation ...and never reckoned the price.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t one of her books that I really enjoyed all that much since I didn’t care for the heroine, but it’s still an entertaining read. First published in 1897, you can download the pdf on

In Tune with Wedding Bells

Reuben Remington, a young architect at the top of his career, has waited a long time for this success and is finally ready to do some celebrating on holiday at a Long Island beach house. But then a girl—a waif of a woman—collapses right in front of him, and when she is carted off to the hospital, her little brother is left in need of a temporary guardian. Inexplicably, Reuben is drawn into the upside-down life of Gillian and Noel. Could offering solace to these two alter the well laid out plans Reuben has for the rest of his life?

First published in 1941, you can borrow and read it on

Job’s Niece

When Doris Dunbar's loving father dies, her family is torn apart. Suddenly Doris is faced with financial ruin, a hateful stepmother, a disgruntled fiance, a dying brother, and the care of younger siblings. Just as Doris's world is crumbling around her she meets Scottish businessman Angus Macdonald, whose unusual business proposition seems to lead her closer to the peace and answers that have eluded her. What surprises await the Dunbar family—a family that so desperately wants to be together—in the midst of an impossible situation?

First published in 1927, you can borrow and read it on

Katharine’s Yesterday and Other Christian Endeavor Stories

Young Katharine Bowman is certain the winter will be long and dreary. Her friends from the summer have all gone back to their homes, and she feels deserted and lonely. Then she discovers a gift left for her by a friend--a gift that will change her life!.

This is a nice collection of her short stories. First published in 1895, you can download the pdf on


Kerry's beloved father was dead, and his precious manuscript, his life's work, was in her keeping. But could Kerry overcome all that stood between her and delivering the manuscript to her father's publisher? Could she withstand her beautiful, spoiled little mother who wanted her to abandon her father's masterpiece? Could she escape the cunning plans of a man who would stop at nothing--even kidnapping--to steal the manuscript and take credit for her father's genius? And could she trust the handsome young stranger who offered her his quiet strength, wisdom--and love?

I enjoyed this book a lot. First published in 1931, you can borrow and read it on


Fraley's dear mother has just died and left Fraley utterly alone in a hostile world. She sets off on a dangerous adventure, unsure of what lies ahead. Her only comforts are the faith her mother shared with her and the family Bible. Along the way, Fraley meets a young man who is on an adventure of his own: He has come west to lead a small church. But George Seagrave is not prepared for his task. He does not know Fraley's God. Fraley points the way for him, and he helps her flee to safety in New York. But still the path is full of dangers and difficulty. Both young people need to learn whether their faith can sustain them. In the process, they find something that will change their lives forever.

First published in 1930, you can borrow and read it on

A Little Servant

The original version of this children’s book has been scanned into and you can download the pdf. It was published in 1890. You can also read the entire story on the Grace Livingston Hill website.

Lo, Michael

When Michael was a homeless waif roaming New York's back alleys, he risked his life to save the life of another child, beautiful Starr Endicott. This act of devotion to a girl he worshiped from afar changed the course of his life forever, for Starr's grateful father sent him away to a fine school where Michael grew into a handsome, well-educated man of deep convictions. Then he returned to New York, intent on repaying his benefactor and helping the loyal street kids who had been his only family. But from the first moment he saw Starr again, he knew he was helplessly in love. Believing he was not worthy of her, Michael vowed never to press his suit . . . until danger in the form of a vile, scheming suitor forced him to risk everything to save Starr once again.

This was one of the first GLH books I read and I really liked it, especially with the way it depicted the time period. This was published in 1913 and you can download the pdf from Google Books and the epub from Gutenberg.

Lone Point, and The Esselstynes

Maria Hammond and her sister, Rachel, were as different as could be. Rachel was like bright sunshine everywhere, while Maria, or “Ri,” as her family called her, always took things awry. When the Hammond family had to rent out their spacious home in the city and take a plain summer cottage by the sea, Rachel was delighted. Maria, however, humiliated by her family's reduced financial status, threw herself fiercely into the role of martyr, determined to make everyone feel her suffering. Then a chance encounter with thoughtful, contemplative Howard Fairfield changed everything. Soon Maria found herself trying to be as good and spiritual as he believed she was . . . but Lone Point was to bring Maria many struggles before she found the love her lonely heart craved.

This book was also published with GLH’s early short story, The Esselstynes, by Tyndale House Publishers. First published in 1897, you can borrow and read it on

The Man of the Desert

Living a life of privilege, Hazel Radcliffe yearned for more. When circumstances find her lost and alone in the untamed Arizona desert, Hazel is surprised to find that her senses are awakened by the gentle kindness of a handsome stranger. Even more surprising is what she has found - love. And yet, Hazel realizes that the life of this gentle missionary is worlds away from her own, a world that she must return to. Can she ever return to her pampered and sheltered life after feeling like she is finally alive? Will she ever be able to fit in to the life of this man who has dedicated himself to God's service in a barren land? Hazel knows it is time for the greatest journey of her life, but will she be brave enough to take it?

I can’t remember if I read this or not. This was published in 1914 and you can download a pdf copy from and the epub from Gutenberg.

Marcia Schuyler

When Marcia Schuyler's beautiful and selfish older sister, Kate, abandons handsome David Spafford at the wedding altar, Marcia offers to take Kate's place. Her offer is accepted, and Marcia finds herself married to a man she hardly knows. Though David shows Marcia every kindness, she is painfully aware that he still loves her sister--a fact that strikes deep, since Marcia has begun to truly love her husband. Then Kate returns, and she is determined to win David back--no matter what it takes or who it hurts. Now Marcia must fight to save her marriage and the man she loves from a desperate web of lies and deceit.

I absolutely loved this book, and it is the first book in the Miranda trilogy. This was published in 1908 and you can download the pdf from and the epub from Gutenberg.


Uncertain about her future, Marigold unexpectedly finds love when a handsome engineer teaches her about faith and trust. She thought she'd found the love of her life - until a stranger unlocked deep new feelings in her heart. She'd come to Washington to be alone - and to teach Laurence not to take her for granted. But instead of solitude, Marigold found herself enjoying the city with an attractive, intriguing escort. She couldn't help comparing him with the man she thought she loved. And she couldn't stop what was happening to her heart.

First published in 1938, you can borrow and read it on


On the eve of her brilliant society wedding, beautiful Maris must face the true meaning of love. Beautiful young Maris Mayberry is ecstatic over her upcoming marriage to wealthy Tilford Thorpe. Then disaster strikes - Maris's precious mother collapses and becomes dangerously ill. Maris turns to Tilford for comfort and understanding only to encounter a haughty decree: The wedding must go on as planned, whether her mother lives or dies! Indignant, Maris begins to doubt Tilford's love and character - especially when a handsome friend from her past shows her real love and support.But the final blow comes when Maris finds herself enmeshed in a dangerous plot - formulated and executed by none other than Tilford himself! Now Maris sees the agonizing choices she must make... but is it too late?

First published in 1938, you can borrow and read it on

Matched Pearls

Constance Courtland is rich. Beautiful. And haughty. But the town beauty’s life is about to take a drastic turn. After a terrible accident, her world is shattered, and she’s forced to take a look at what truly matters. Can she let go of old ways forever and embrace a bright tomorrow—with the help of a captivating yet startling stranger?

First published in 1933, you can borrow and read it on


The story of a beloved character rounds out the Miranda trilogy. Five separate times Miranda Griscom has rejected wealthy Mr. Whitney's proposal of marriage, content in her role has housekeeper and nanny for the Spaffords. The community thinks her daft to refuse such a man, but they don't know that her heart belongs to the town's black sheep--who, when accused of murder twelve years ago, she helped to escape. When she learns he has been living in Oregon Territory, can she hope to get word to him that his name has been cleared and his siblings need him?

This is the third book in the Miranda trilogy. I didn’t quite enjoy this book as much as Marcia Schuyler and Phoebe Deane, but this was still an enjoyable read. First published in 1915, you can download a pdf copy from Google Books.

More Than Conqueror

When Charlie Montgomery, a handsome soldier, declares his love for Blythe Bonniwell, she realizes she should be offended. But she isn't -- in fact, she's honored! Blythe returns Charlie's love, and promises to remain faithful to him while he is away at war. Though thrilled at Blythe's response, Charlie knows all too well that the special mission he has been assigned to means that he is facing almost certain death. He can offer Blythe little hope for his return, or for their future happiness. Yet, in the midst of fear and peril, Charlie and Blythe find a source of strength and peace that will keep them united forever.

First published in 1944, you can borrow and read it on

Mystery Flowers

After her mother died, lovely Diana sought comfort in prayer and in the single flower a mysterious person dropped daily on her pathway. Touched by anonymous gifts of flowers, Diana wonders who the mystery giver is. Can it be that he knows of her despair… and wants to help her?

I enjoyed this a lot even though (or maybe because) the story premise is very much like Crimson Roses. First published in 1936, you can borrow and read it on

The Mystery of Mary

When a beautiful young woman approaches wealthy Tryon Dunham at a train station and tells him she is in danger, he agrees to see her to safety. Then, before he can learn any more about her other than that her name is Mary and she is running to Chicago, she is gone. But Tryon cannot forget Mary's beautiful face and spirit. Soon he finds himself trying desperately to solve the mystery that surrounds her . . . a mystery that could overwhelm them both. And he determines to discover the true identity of the young woman he longs to protect--and love.

I remember I read and liked this one, although I don’t remember much else about it. This was published in 1912 and you can download a pdf copy from and the epub from Gutenberg.

A New Name

A new name in a new town is all that wealthy Murray Van Rensselaer needs after he thinks he's killed his childhood friend in a car accident. Confused and afraid, Murray flees, determined to erase his past with a fresh start. When, miles from his home, Murray is mistakenly assumed to be the new young banker arriving in town, not even he believes that assuming a new identity could be this easy. But as the kindness and faith of those around him begins to convict his heart, will Murray admit his lie and face whatever consequences await him back home?

First published in 1926, you can borrow and read the paperback version online.

Not Under the Law

Life became complicated for Joyce Radway when her beloved aunt died. Joyce was left to live with her cousin and his wife, who saw Joyce as a handy cook, maid and babysitter. But their oppressive and demanding way of treating Joyce drove her out of the house one night and onto the road--destitute and alone. Joyce narrowly escapes some criminals and ultimately proves just how resourceful she can be as she creates a new life for herself. Then the man who betrayed her in her neediest hour returns to vie for her heart. Is Joyce heading for another bitter heartbreak...or true love?

First published in 1925, you can borrow and read it on

The Obsession of Victoria Gracen

The straight-laced little town of Roslyn was shocked when Victoria Gracen welcomed young Dick into her home. What would a gentle, lovely young woman want with a reckless trouble-maker? Especially one who had no plans to reform. So when Victoria tried to tame the boy's wild ways with tenderness and faith, no one believed she'd succeed. But they hadn't counted on one thing: only a heart of steel could resist Victoria Gracen!

I never read this book because I never got a copy before I got the ebook. This was published in 1915 and you can download the pdf from Google Books.

Out of the Storm

When her beloved parents die, lovely young Gail Desmond realizes she must find a job. Finally she finds a seemingly enviable position as a traveling companion to a woman of wealth, and soon they are off on an ocean voyage. Then disaster strikes! The ship on which Gail and her employer are traveling sinks. Suddenly Gail finds herself afloat on an angry sea, lashed to a makeshift raft, desperately trying to keep an unconscious man from slipping away from her--a man who was critically injured when he saved her life!

I just realized I never read this one! First published in 1929, you can borrow and read it on


When Dale Hathaway heard a knock at her door late one winter evening, she had no idea that her life was about to turn upside down. But suddenly she and a handsome young journalist were caught up in a desperate mission: saving the life of an abandoned baby! Could they bring the poor waif back from the threshold of death? Even if they could, what would happen to him? And would the budding friendship between Dale and George Rand develop into something more, something she had only dreamed of?

I personally didn’t care for the characters in this one, but others of my friends have loved this book, so do give it a try. First published in 1940, you can borrow and read it on

The Patch of Blue

Chris Walton, the son of a wealthy, distinguished family, knew his future was set. He had the position, friends, and possessions he had always dreamed of. His life couldn't be more perfect. — Then his father's bank failed. Suddenly everything that Chris had always thought was his by right was snatched away. Hurt and angry, he dismissed his parents' faith as useless. Why should they be thankful when they were faced with such undeserved suffering? Humiliated and rejected by his college friends, Chris turned to quiet, sweet Natalie Halsey -- a girl totally unlike any of the other girls he had known. A girl who had next to nothing, yet who seemed to glow with happiness and contentment. What did Natalie have that Chris didn't? He vowed to find out, no matter what...

I really enjoyed this one. This was published in 1932 and you can download the pdf from


Patricia Prentiss had nowhere to turn. John Worth had always been her friend and protected her from the advances of rich, spoiled Thornton Bellingham. But John has disappeared and she's being forced into a marriage with a man she can hardly stand. Then Thornton arranges a gala party, setting the stage for forcing Patricia to agree to the wedding and announce their engagement. Will John make it in time to save Patricia from her undesirable fate once more?

I actually never read this one! First published in 1939, you can borrow and read it on

Phoebe Deane

Beautiful young Phoebe was desperate! Cruel and cunning Hiram Greene had declared his intention to marry her. At first, Phoebe didn't take Hiram seriously. After all, he couldn't force her into marriage. -- Then Hiram launched a shrewd campaign of deceit and lies about Phoebe. Soon everyone around her, even her family, seemed determined to make her give in to Hiram. Could she stop when Hiram had started before it was too late? Or would she lose everything--her freedom, her happiness, and her wonderful new friendship with handsome Nathaniel Graham?

Loved this, almost as much as I loved Marcia Schuyler! The story of Miranda continues in Miranda. This was published in 1909 and you can download the pdf from Google Books.

The Prodigal Girl

Betty Thornton knew what she wanted, and it wasn't her father's boring lifestyle. So when Betty's father insists on moving the family to a farm in Vermont, she turns to dashing Dudley Weston—and his promises of excitement and marriage—as the answer to her problems. Then, through a terrifying chain of events, Betty finds herself abandoned in a snowstorm! Now her only hope for survival is a stranger . . . but can she trust him?

First published in 1929, you can borrow and read it on


When lovely Cornelia Copley's mother becomes ill, Cornelia must leave her beloved college and return home to care for her family. But things at home have changed a great deal. Her family is living in near poverty, in a shabby and dismal little house. And her younger brother has become rebellious and distant.

Cornelia is filled with dismay and self-pity. Then she overhears her youngest brother and her sister calling her self-centered and ungrateful. Suddenly Cornelia realizes that what they are saying is true--she has only been making matters worse! So she devises a strategy to repair the damage she has caused. But is it too late? Can Cornelia find the right way to bring her precious family together again, and bring them a renewed sense of faith and hope?

I loved this book. This was published in 1921 and you can download the pdf from

The Red Signal

When Hilda Lessing discovers that spies are planning to blow up a bridge, she is desperate! Such an explosion would destroy top secret cargo being transported over the bridge - and endanger engineer Dan Stevens, a man who once saved Hilda's life. Now Hilda must risk everything in a heroic battle to save Dan from certain death.

First published in 1919, you can borrow and read it on

Rose Galbraith

Young, beautiful Rose is desperate! She and her beloved mother had planned to travel to Scotland so that Rose could discover her heritage. Then, suddenly, Rose's mother had died. To honor her memory, Rose went through with the trip, though doing so meant going to live with the wealthy relatives who had shunned her mother for marrying outside of Scotland's elite. But the glamour of her relative's castle and its priceless possessions can not hide the heartlessness of the inhabitants . . . or calm Rose's fear of the unscrupulous aristocrat who is scheming to marry her. Rose's only hope and comfort come from the letters she receives from handsome Gordon McCarroll, a friend she became reacquainted with as she began her journey. But can even Gordon save her from the people who seem determined to take control of her life. . . ?

I never read this one but I kept meaning to. First published in 1940, you can borrow and read it on

The Search

In the uncertainty of a country on the brink of World War, the spirited and privileged Ruth Macdonald is drawn to a lonely soldier by poignant and sweet childhood memories of first love. John Cameron - a man whose soul is in turmoil over finding a love that surpasses all understanding, opens his heart to her only to have their newfound faith and love threatened by the treachery of an evil man who is determined to call Ruth his own...and by the desperate war that threatens them all. Can John find faith in the unseen God that has he has searched for? And can he claim the love of the beautiful girl who has awakened his lonely heart?

I read and liked this one, especially in the setting of World War I. This was published in 1919 and you can download the pdf from Google Books and the epub from Gutenberg.

The Seventh Hour

Dana Barron was only a small boy when his mother took her newborn daughter, Coralie--and left. Despite their hurt and grief, Dana and his father built a happy life together, one filled with love, faith, and contentment. Then Dana's father died, leaving his much-loved son with one final request: Be reunited with your mother and sister. Aided by his friend, Bruce Carbury, Dana enters his mother's world: the turbulent world of New York society. Suddenly he finds himself caught in a struggle to overcome twenty-one years of separation and to fight against deceit, bitterness ... and murder Will Dana and Bruce get through to Coralie, Dana's beautiful, troubled sister? Will Dana's faith be strong enough to lead him--and Coralie--to safety?

First published in 1939, you can borrow and read it on

Silver Wings

When Amory Lorrimer arrives for her new job at Briarcliffe, the estate of the Whitney family, she finds a fabulous mansion filled with sophisticated, young people. But one is different. A handsome pilot named Gareth whose laughing blue eyes see deep into Amory’s heart. But when Gareth has to take off on a daring, dangerous trip, Amory can only wait and hope that he will return to her—forever.

First published in 1931, you can borrow and read it on

The Sound of the Trumpet

The first time beautiful, wealthy Lisle Kingsley sees John Sargent, she knows she loves him. But John is all too aware of the differences in their social standings. Besides, Lisle is practically engaged to wealthy Victor Vandingham, whose father is in charge of manufacturing a top secret weapon that supposedly will bring the war to a rapid and decisive end. Then John is approached by men who are scheming to steal the weapon and its blueprints. . . .men who know of John's growing friendship with Lisle. . . .men who will stop at nothing--even kidnapping Lisle--to get John to cooperate with them!

First published in 1943, you can borrow and read it on

Spice Box

Dr. Howard Sterling couldn't believe his eyes. There in the snowdrift lay a golden-haired girl half-frozen from the cold. To save the girl - that was the young doctor's first thought. But as she grew stronger under his care at the hospital, he came to love her. Yet there was something in the girl's past that forced her to keep her identity secret, someone who was driving her away from him. How would he ever find her? How could he know that she prayed for him to find her?

First published in 1943, you can borrow and read it on

The Story of a Whim

Hazel Winship, a lovely, generous young woman, longed to reach out to someone less fortunate and offer some sort of solace and encouragement. And so it was, on a sudden whim, that she began sending gifts and letters to the unknown "Christie Bailey," who lived in Florida. But the road of good intentions led Hazel farther than she'd ever imagined--into the rugged arms of a man she believes has deceived her, bringing her face-to-face with the glorious miracle of faith and love.

This was a bit improbable but I really enjoyed it anyway! This was published in 1903 and you can download the pdf from

The Strange Proposal

Mary Elizabeth Wainwright, carefree daughter of a famous family, had expected to have fun at her cousin's wedding. What she hadn't expected, however, was to end up being the maid of honor--or to have John Saxon, the handsome best man she met just before the ceremony, proclaim his love for her during the wedding recessional! Now many forces threaten to pull Mary Elizabeth and John apart: distance, social standing, finances, a lost lava letter, belief in God, and a wealthy man who is determined that nothing--and no one--will stop him from claiming Mary Elizabeth as his own …

First published in 1935, you can borrow and read it on

The Street of the City

When a handsome young man comes to tell Frannie that her mother is very ill, she wants nothing more than to go home. But her kind messenger assures her that he will take care of everything. Touched by his concern and sensitivity, Frannie's love for him begins to grow. There is only one problem: He is from the wealthy side of the river, and she is from the poor side. Will the jealousy and schemes of their friends pull them apart—or show them the road to faith and love?

First published in 1942, you can borrow and read it on

The Substitute Guest

When Alan Monteith decides to help a friend in need by delivering a bottle of medicine to a sick woman, he never imagined being stranded in a blizzard. And he never imagined climbing a mountain on foot. But when his car breaks down in front of the Devereaux’s home, that’s just what he ends up doing. Daryl Devereaux was looking forward to a peaceful holiday until Alan Monteith arrives. As the young stranger and her brother trudge into the storm, Daryl is left to pray for their safe return, never realizing that night will change their lives forever.

First published in 1936, you can borrow and read it on


Trouble has a way of finding Jason Whitney, and only his sister Joyce and the pastor’s daughter Rose see any good in him. So, when he is fired from the bank the same day it is robbed, the blame quickly falls to him. Unable to defend himself, Jason flees town. Joyce begs her wealthy friend Rowan to help prove Jason’s innocence, but now Rowan has also gone missing.

I enjoyed this one. First published in 1937, you can borrow and read it on

Time of the Singing of Birds

Pretty, petite Margaret Roselle is overjoyed when Barney Vance returns safely from war. Then Barney tells her that their friend "Stormy" Applegate is missing behind enemy lines--and that he has decided to return to enemy territory to find him! Faced with the reality of the danger in Barney's chosen mission, Margaret finds strength and peace in her undying faith. No matter what happens, she is sure God will take care of both her and the man she loves …

First published in 1944, you can borrow and read it on

Tomorrow About This Time

Half-sisters Silver and Athalie Greeves have grown up worlds apart. Silver is a humble, faith-filled young lady; Athalie is a flapper who takes after her socialite mother. When a chance visit suddenly reunites Silver and Athalie with each other and a father they’ve never known, will a true family emerge where only a family by name existed before? Terrance Bannard, the local minister, is soon taken by Silver’s beauty and spirit, but will a rising jealousy from younger sister Athalie force Silver to sacrifice love for the sake of her family?

This was published in 1923 and you can download a pdf of the original first print hardcover from

The Tryst

Patricia Merrill thought she was being adventurous when she ran off to New York, took a new name and a job as companion to an old woman. Her family would never be able to find her now. Then she and her employer took a trip to a charming hotel in the South. To her dismay, Patty discovered that a childhood friend, John Treeves, was staying there too. Perhaps he would tell her family where she was! She knew she must keep her identity concealed--so she pretended not to know him. But it wasn't long before John's sympathetic heart and gentle understanding won her over. And Patty was ready to embark upon the greatest adventure of her life.

I didn’t like this one as much as some of her other stories, but it was still very entertaining. This was published in 1921 and you can download the pdf from Google Books.

An Unwilling Guest

Young Evelyn Rutherford, a New York society beauty, is sent to spend the summer with her aunt. When her aunt falls ill, Evelyn resigns herself to spending a boring summer with a neighboring family. But the Greys are a family of faith, goodness, and quiet happiness--things Evelyn has never known. Suddenly the social life she longed for no longer holds interest. Instead, a new and powerful dream begins to stir within her--a dream that thrills the Greys' handsome son, Maurice. But will Evelyn discover an all-important truth about herself--and about God--before Maurice is gone from her life forever?

First published in 1902, you can borrow and read it on However, I only found it when it was included in collections, Grace Livingston Hill Collection #3 and The Grace Livingston Hill Collection.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Margaret Earle is ready to conquer the schoolhouse at a time. Armed with her training, her ideals and her plucky optimism, Margaret sets off for the barren Arizona desert only to find herself stranded and alone. At the mercy of Lance Gardley, a handsome cowboy who comes to her aide, she begins her journey of love with the small town of Ashland and it's inhabitants. And yet, in the midst of new friendships and schoolbook lessons, Margaret finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit spun by the very people she has come to minister to. A deceit so great it threatens the very way of life of these small town people and to destroy the sweet beginnings of love with the handsome cowboy who has become her rock. Can Margaret and Lance overcome the lies that threaten to destroy them? And will they learn to turn to each other and to their strength in God to overcome?

I remember this was one of the first books by GLH that was set out west, so it was a little different from what I was used to, but it was a fun read. This was published in 1916 and you can download a pdf from or the epub from Gutenberg.

The War Romance of the Salvation Army

A battered Army truck lurches down a muddy road that's been gutted with shell holes. In the back of the truck, a group of young women draw closer together, trying to encourage each other. Several flinch at the sounds of bombs exploding and machine-gun fire all around them. They all grab frantically at the sides of the truck as it tosses them about. Yet, despite their fear and apprehension, the women are determined not to turn back. They will reach the wounded American soldiers -- for the soldiers' lives are in their hands! Step into the world of the dedicated Salvation Army women ... women who went to the front lines of WWI ... women who calmed fears, bathed wounds, and uttered the prayers that led thousands of men to salvation ... women whose courage knew no bounds -- even if it meant death.

I haven’t read this one because it’s not a novel, it’s a book about the Salvation Army. This was published in 1919 and you can download the pdf from and the epub from Gutenberg.

Where Two Ways Met

Handsome young Paige Madison didn't know what to do. He had returned from the war and was on his way to building an exceptional career with a prominent businessman. But, though Paige couldn't quite put his finger on it, he was sure there was something wrong, maybe even unscrupulous, about his new boss. And to make matters worse, his boss's beautiful, headstrong young daughter had decided she wanted Paige--and that she would do all she could to make him want her as well. Then, in the midst of his confusion, Paige is thrown together with a lovely young minister's daughter when they try to help a family in need. Both drawn and challenged by this girl's gentle faith, Paige soon finds himself faced with a vital decision. Which girl should he trust with his most precious possession: his heart?

I enjoyed this one. First published in 1946, you can borrow and read it on

The White Flower

Lovely, flame-haired Rachel Rainsford thinks she is on her way to take a job in Chicago. Then she discovers that her new employer is a criminal who actually plans to sell her as a "companion" to a wealthy and unscrupulous businessman. Even worse, through a series of lies, the two men have made sure no one on board the train will help Rachel escape. Friendless and penniless, Rachel seems doomed. Then, suddenly, a handsome young man steps in. Together, he and Rachel make a daring escape from the train. But the criminals refuse to give up, and Rachel and her new-found champion soon become the prey in a desperate chase that will test their faith and courage--and lead them into love.

First published in 1927, you can borrow and read it on

White Orchids

Camilla Chrystie was losing hope. She'd had an accident while rushing to get medicine for her beloved mother, who was dangerously ill. Then, miraculously, a handsome and wealthy playboy had offered Camilla his help. But when they had joined together in a desperate effort to save Camilla's mother, they had found themselves drawn into a friendship that surprised them both. Touched and warmed by their time together, Camilla is soon caught in yet another dilemma. Should she trust the man's solemn words of friendship -- and love -- even though he has returned to his world of wealth and seemingly forgotten about her completely? Was what they shared real, or is she being foolish to believe his assertion that they could find a true and lasting love together?

I really enjoyed this one. First published in 1935, you can borrow and read it on

The Witness

A powerful story of grace from the pen of Grace Livingston Hill. Star athlete, student, and fraternity president, Paul Courtland watches while a college classmate falls to an untimely death. Struck by his own part in the tragedy, he seeks solace in the classmate's peaceful room-and in the faith he has discovered. A friend introduces him to a young woman who is certain to bring him out of his somber mood- and into trouble. After yet another tragedy, Paul must choose: to follow his emotions or his faith. Will his choice even matter to those around him?

This was a rather obvious allegory of Paul, but it’s also one of GLH’s most spiritual books. I wasn’t as interested since it’s light on romance, but it’s still a good book. This was published in 1917 and you can download the pdf from Google Books and the epub from Gutenberg.

If you like romance novels, please check out my list of free short stories, novellas, and novels available on my blog! I write Christian contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Camy Tang, and Christian Regency romance as Camille Elliot.


Julie said…
My favorite GLH books are: Crimson Roses and The Finding of Jasper Holt. I have both in paperback, but just downloaded TFOJH to my Kindle. I loved GLH books when I was a young girl, and still love them today. There is an innocence about them that is refreshing. And totally love the Cinderella-ish theme of all of them. I've seen several GLH books available for review on NetGalley. It is nice to see them being revived :)
Melody said…
I read Lo,Michael when I was teen. I really liked it. But I wonder if I would like the Cinderella/fairy tale feel now. When i was a teen I saw life differently than i do now as an adult. Thanks for letting us know about this.
Camy Tang said…
Okay, now I definitely have to read Jasper Holt! I absolutely loved Crimson Roses. I bought the ebook copy and recently reread it. It was so fun!
Camy Tang said…
I wondered if I would feel differently in rereading Crimson Roses. There were some rather cheesy parts near the end, but for the most part, I was able to suspend any disbelief, mostly because this was set in such a different time and culture and people thought differently back then. I still really enjoyed the book.
Susan F. said…
I love her books too. My neighbor had nearly every one of them. She is great at sharing. :)
I loved Grace Livingston Hill too. My favorite was The Enchanted Barn as well.
Sally Shupe said…
Thanks for the post on Grace Livingston Hill. I grew up reading her, and loved all her books. I have many, many of them. I'll have to get them out. I love my kindle, but it is so nice to hold a book and see it as you are reading lol.
Camy Tang said…
I love that book! You could have heard my squeal of delight from a state away when I discovered the pdf available for free on GoogleBooks!
Camy Tang said…
I completely understand! I have a collection of some old versions of Grace Livingston Hill's books--the ones published by Grosset & Dunlap in the 1930s and 1940s. I love touching them and paging through them. It's neat to think I'm holding a book that's over 80 years old.

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No Cold Bums toilet seat cover

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.22.2008 I actually wrote out my pattern! I was getting a lot of hits on my infamous toilet seat cover , and I wanted to make a new one with “improvements,” so I paid attention and wrote things down as I made the new one. This was originally based off the Potty Mouth toilet cover , but I altered it to fit over the seat instead of the lid. Yarn: any worsted weight yarn, about 120 yards (this is a really tight number, I used exactly 118 yards. My suggestion is to make sure you have about 130 yards.) I suggest using acrylic yarn because you’re going to be washing this often. Needle: I used US 8, but you can use whatever needle size is recommended by the yarn you’re using. Gauge: Not that important. Mine was 4 sts/1 inch in garter stitch. 6 buttons (I used some leftover shell buttons I had in my stash) tapestry needle Crochet hook (optional) Cover: Using a provisional cast on, cast on 12 stitches. Work in garter st until liner measures

Toilet seat cover

Captain’s Log, Supplemental Update August 2008: I wrote up the pattern for this with "improvements"! Here's the link to my No Cold Bums toilet seat cover ! Okay, remember a few days ago I was complaining about the cold toilet seat in my bathroom? Well, I decided to knit a seat cover. Not a lid cover, but a seat cover. I went online and couldn’t find anything for the seat, just one pattern for the lid by . However, I took her pattern for the inside edge of the lid cover and modified it to make a seat cover. Here it is! It’s really ugly stitch-wise because originally I made it too small and had to extend it a couple inches on each side. I figured I’d be the one staring at it, so who cared if the extension wasn’t perfectly invisible? I used acrylic yarn since, well, that’s what I had, and also because it’s easy to wash. I’ll probably have to wash this cover every week or so, but it’s easy to take off—I made ties which you can see near the back of the seat. And

What's a Kickstarter and what will I get from it?

I’m hoping to do a Kickstarter in late July or early August, and I thought I’d post this to answer a few questions you might have about it. What’s a Kickstarter and why’s Camy doing one? My Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of a Special Edition hardcover with dust jacket of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 1: Archer. Depending on how this Kickstarter goes, eventually I would like to do Special Edition hardcovers of the other books in the series. For all you avid fans of the series, this Kickstarter will also offer an early release of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 7: Spinster. However, the main focus of this campaign is the Special Edition hardcover of book 1. Kickstarter isn’t a shopping website, but I admit I kind of feel like I’m shopping when I back a campaign for books or items that look fantastic! Why Kickstarter: Kickstarter enables me to produce the kinds of gorgeous special editions that I love and offer them to you, my readers, so you can

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Tabi socks, part deux

Captain's Log, Stardate 07.25.2008 (If you're on Ravelry, friend me! I'm camytang.) I made tabi socks again! (At the bottom of the pattern is the calculation for the toe split if you're not using the same weight yarn that I did for this pattern (fingering). I also give an example from when I used worsted weight yarn with this pattern.) I used Opal yarn, Petticoat colorway. It’s a finer yarn than my last pair of tabi socks, so I altered the pattern a bit. Okay, so here’s my first foray into giving a knitting pattern. Camy’s top-down Tabi Socks I’m assuming you already know the basics of knitting socks. If you’re a beginner, here are some great tutorials: Socks 101 How to Knit Socks The Sock Knitter’s Companion A video of turning the heel Sock Knitting Tips Yarn: I have used both fingering weight and worsted weight yarn with this pattern. You just change the number of cast on stitches according to your gauge and the circumference of your ankle. Th

Christmas meme

Captain's Log, Stardate 12.17.2008 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Bags because they’re HECKA EASIER! HELLOOOOOO! Besides, save a tree. 2. Real tree or Artificial? I like the smell of real trees (had them while growing up) but cleaning up the needles in January was a pain in the petootie! Gimme a fake one anyday! I’ll burn pine logs to get the smell. 3. When do you put up the tree? That should probably be IF we put up a tree. Since it’s in the living room, the Christmasy eye candy is lost on us. 4. When do you take the tree down? After New Year’s Day. Sometimes a few months after New Year’s Day ... 5. Do you like eggnog? Yup! Full fat! Bring it on, baby! 6. Favorite gift received as a child? Books! (Come on, you saw that coming, right?) 7. Hardest person to buy for? My parents! They already have pretty much everything they want. If they don’t have it, they’ve already bought it. And anything they do want is WAY out of my price range. 9. Do you have a nativity scene? No 10.

I sold to Steeple Hill!

Captain's Log, Supplemental Remember that romantic suspense proposal I blogged about earlier? Well, it just sold to Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired Suspense line! I am so jazzed! I am beyond jazzed! The story’s working title is Sinister Spa The story's title is Deadly Intent and here’s a blurb (but it’s probably not what will appear on the back of the book): Massage therapist Naomi Grant could use a massage herself. With her father at home recovering from a stroke, Naomi is put in charge of the family’s elite day spa in Sonoma county. The new responsibilities sit awkwardly on her shoulders, and things only get worse when handsome Dr. Devon Knightley breezes into the spa, demanding to see one of the female clients. And the woman is found dead in Naomi’s massage room. Suddenly, Naomi is a suspect and her family’s spa is shut down. How could God let this awful thing happen? Devon only needed to see his ex-wife about a family necklace she still hadn’t returned, but when she dies and

Poll for the title of my book!

Captain’s Log, Supplemental Blog book giveaway: My Thursday book giveaway is The Wedding Caper by Janice Thompson . My Monday book giveaway is Thanks for the Mammogram! AND Reconstructing Natalie , both by Laura Jensen Walker . You can still enter both giveaways. Just post a comment on the blog posts above . On Thursday, I'll draw the winner for The Wedding Caper and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Pick my title! The Zondervan Marketing Department is torn about which title would be best for my debut novel. So you guys get to weigh in! Here are your choices: Solo Sushi Sushi for One Single Sushi Solo Sashimi Leave a comment about which you prefer and WHY. I’ll run this poll for a couple weeks to figure out which will be the title for my new book! TMI: Writing: I posted another "Health and the Writer" post at WriterQuotes , and an agent post at my Story Sensei blog . And in case you missed it, my review of The Guy I’m Not Dating by Trish Perry is

Interview with Fantasy author Willamette Sutta

Adamant in Dust by Willamette Sutta Stones of power and one princess to save them all. The Far Stone Endurant is broken, and a prophecy foretells doom… She should have been the chosen princess to deliver them. But Pergi can’t love Prince Teyrnon, and that's a deal-breaker. Pergi has prepared all her life to become the ruler that her father wants. Without sons, he knows she could only retain the throne if she marries the neighboring prince, combining their kingdoms. Yet the same prophecy that calls for the reunification also warns that they must join by love. Supplanted by her younger sister in this sentiment, Pergi waits with ill grace for Sadira to marry Teyrnon and steal her birthright. No one expects that Sadira would do a runner on her wedding day. What starts as an impromptu rescue of the wayward bride leads to a desperate struggle against a deadly foe. The dark lord Malchor ensnares Sadira in his opening bid to gain all the Far Stones of power. With them, he wi