Monday, February 18, 2013

My prayer for my writing

I was reading Hebrews and felt God speaking to me through these verses:

Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.
Hebrews 13:20-21 (TNIV)

I realized that this is my prayer for my writing, that God will equip me for doing His will so that my books will be pleasing to Him.

And the mention of God’s incredible power in verse 20 reminds me that He is Lord over everything--Lord over me--and He can do whatever He sets out to do. I might feel weak or insignificant or ill-equipped, but He can do anything through me that He wants to do.

The other week we were at Youth Group and asked the kids what they thought their purpose was in life. Some of them hadn’t thought about it, but some of them had. I encouraged them to ask God what their purpose is. Each of us has a purpose and sometimes we just need to listen to hear God telling us what that is.

In reading Hebrews, I felt that these verses spelled out for me what my purpose is.


  1. So encouraging! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amen! Thanks for sharing that. I know I have purpose but I do lose sight sometimes but I will print this out and post it to remind myself that what He's placed in me to do is for His glory and I have all the power I need through Him to accomplish it!