Friday, January 18, 2013

Naming characters in NARROW ESCAPE

Most of you guys already know how much I suck at coming up with names, right? So when I needed to come up with names for Narrow Escape, I ran a contest with the prize of naming my characters in my then-untitled Love Inspired Suspense manuscript.

Huge thanks to my winners who named my characters:

Jennifer F. was the grand prize winner, and she named Arissa and various characters, including Arissa’s discipler at church! I didn’t need a true Filipino name for her first name, but Jennifer actually did some internet research and came up with some Filipino names!

Charity L. named Arissa’s niece, Charity!

Holly M. named Arissa’s brother, Mark!

I would have allowed one of my winners to pick the hero’s name, but he had already been mentioned in Stalker in the Shadows. :)

Are you good at naming characters? I’m always working on a new manuscript, so keep your eyes on my blog and Facebook for when I post for help!

Don't forget to enter my Narrow Escape contest for January! Click here to enter!

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