Friday, August 10, 2012

Writers - it's not too late to sign up for August online classes

Hey writers, it's not too late to sign up for 2 online classes I'm giving in August:

Self-Editing online class ($40) August 15 - 30

Deep Point of View online class ($40) August 15 - 30

More info here!


  1. I definitely want to take your self-editing class at some point, but I want to finish this first draft before then! Do you know when you'll be offering the class in the future?

  2. Not sure, but I'll be sure to post about it here if I do decide to give it again. It depends on my deadlines and also on how my wrists are doing after this month. :)

  3. Actually, I was thinking of putting out a Self-Editing worksheet for $20. Would you be interested in that?

  4. Sounds awesome! Sending you an email about it . . .