Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yummy Chinese food!

Twice a month, Captain Caffeine and I have a Bible study and some people who come have young children, so we ask one of the youth group kids to babysit during the Bible study. As thanks, we usually take our babysitter out to dinner after Bible study.

This past Bible study, it was one of the high school girls, Amy, who loves beef chow fun, so we took her to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Union Chinese Restaurant in Campbell.

Our favorite dishes are the Hong Kong-style Crispy Noodles, the Wor Won Ton Soup, and the Walnut Prawns. I don’t have a pic of the Hong Kong noodles (the Captain took a photo with his phone) but here are the soup and prawns:

Their broth is REALLY good and the won tons are homemade. The veggies are also always perfectly tender-crisp.

The Captain says that these are the best walnut prawns he’s had, and he’s been to a lot of Chinese restaurants. Union doesn’t use mayonnaise for the base of their sauce like other restaurants do, which might be why he likes it.

Union’s food is pretty consistent whenever we go there. Some days are better than others (maybe because the chef is different) but our favorite dishes are usually always good no matter what day we go.

Mmmm now I’m hungry ...


  1. Mmmm...that makes me soooooo hungry!!! I am craving Chinese food at the moment. *sigh* But I can't eat any needs-to-be-chewed foods for at least another week, since I got my wisdom teeth out. uugh. Oooooh, maaaaaaaan! I really want some won-ton soup!