Monday, June 11, 2012

Scanning recipes

I admit, I’m going a little nuts with my scanner.

Blame it on ebooks. I’ve been getting used to the convenience of having electronic copies of paper, which don’t take up space on my bookshelf.

I am one of those infamous people who cut recipes out of the newspaper and keep them, intending to one day make them. And so I have a folder FULL of clipped recipes which I don’t want to throw away because I might actually want to make one of them one of these days.

But then I remembered, I HAVE A SCANNER.

So I’ve been scanning my recipes in as .pdf files, and I use AABBY FineReader Express for Mac to transfer the .pdf files into a text file. Voila! Electronic copy! Goodbye lots of little newspaper clippings! I’m free! I’m free!

(Okay, maybe I’m overreacting a tad.)

The OCR reader software isn’t perfect, it seems to enjoy turning fractions into faintly derogatory nonsense words which I have to edit in the .rtf file. But on a whole, I am definitely happy to have electronic copies of these recipes, even though Jesus will probably return before I make most of them.

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