Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Gnarly Old Lady list

In Protection for Hire, I needed a really gnarly name for Charles’s date at the big cocktail party, so I sent out a tweet/Facebook status on Saturday night, November 6th, 2010, around 10 pm:

Anybody around? Quick, give me first and last name ideas for a nasty old lady.

I got a ton of ideas! People came up with the most horrific names! LOL I finally chose Velma Crackenburg.

Velma because it sounded faintly vampish to me, and Crackenburg because it brought to mind one of those old ladies who are so outrageous and crazy that when you tell your friends about her later, you say, “This woman was on crack, I tell you!”

Velma was from Mia Fisher, Cracken was from Rebecca Stanford, which I altered to Crackenburg.

(Tryphena Sturgeon was a close second!)

Mucho gracias to:
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