Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Character cameo--Irene Stuart

Some of you may know, I wrote Whispers on the Dock, book three in the Nantucket Dreams series by Guideposts. There’s a mystery thread in the series that’s solved in my book.

The three main characters needed some information from the Nantucket Historical Society--there’s a real historical society, but for the purposes of the book, we made up our own. Since it was made up, I had a little creative license about the characters who showed up to help the heroines with the mystery.

I needed someone with expertise on Massachusetts history, so I borrowed a character from the Patchwork Mysteries series, Irene Stuart! Irene is the historian at the Maple Hill Historical Society. She used to work for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston and moved to Maple Hill about ten years ago. Irene is a recurring character in most of the Patchwork Mysteries series books since she helps the main character, Sarah Hart, to solve some of the mysteries that involve historical facts and people.

In Whispers on the Dock, the three main characters need help to find a woman who disappeared over a hundred years ago, whom they suspect ran away to Adams, Massachusetts. Adams is near the fictional town of Maple Hill in the Patchwork Mysteries series, so they called on Irene to help them, and she rooted out some clues that help them eventually solve the mystery of what happened to the missing woman.

So for those of you who have read the Patchwork Mysteries series, I hope you’ll read the Nantucket Dreams series to see Irene’s cameo appearance!

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