Thursday, May 24, 2012

The (slightly odd) traits of a book collector

I was reading a book on my Nook the other day, Blue Like Jazz, which we’re going through in the college Bible study my husband and I are leading. After I finished the two chapters I needed to read before this coming week’s Bible study, I went to my Nook library.

I must have spent a good 10 minutes just browsing through my Nook library, looking at all my lovely books, most of which I haven’t read yet, feeling such joy just to have them ready to read anytime I want (assuming I actually have time to read them all--at this point, I might have more books than I can physically read in my lifetime).

I kept seeing a cover and thinking, Oh, I forgot I had that book! How wonderful I have it!

Then I took a step back and looked at what I was doing. I see nothing wrong with it, but Captain Caffeine would probably roll his eyes at me, mostly because he’s not a book collector. (Actually, he’s not really a collector of anything, unless it’s empty boxes that he can’t get himself to throw away. :)

Does anybody else relate to my love of having all these books????


  1. My Kindle has over 500 books on it. I've read less than 10% of those.

  2. SOB!!!!!

    I lost my Kindle!!!

    So I'll sit here in my office and sniff my real books.

  3. I don't have a kindle but I do the same thing on my iPod with my kindle app. I also like to gaze lovingly at my bookshelves!

    1. I can SO relate! Some nights I just sit in my chair and look at my books before deciding which one to read.

  4. I can totally relate! And, oh goodness yes, deciding which book to read next is always a process for me. I have to look over the books on the bookshelves, the books in boxes (because I have no room for them on a shelf), and the books on my Kindle app.