Friday, May 04, 2012

Rich tea biscuits

Speaking of biscuits ...

I mentioned earlier about the dark chocolate digestive biscuits I bought due to the Betty Neels books I’ve read. I also bought these rich tea biscuits which I’d read about also.

McVitie’s is apparently a well-known maker of digestive biscuits (and I think they’re the ones who originally came up with the chocolate digestive biscuit) so I naturally had to try their brand of tea biscuits.

They remind me of a slightly sweet cracker, but more dense than a soda cracker. I have to admit, they are PERFECT with tea because you can dip them and they are just sweet enough to satisfy without being overly sweet.

They also settle my stomach as well as a soda cracker, which I discovered yesterday with the lemon juice stomach problems I had. I ate a couple tea biscuits and my stomach felt much better.

Anyone else had these? I really like them! Maybe not as much as the McVitie’s digestive biscuits, but they’re still really tasty.


  1. It's a funny topic, biscuits:)

    I love these biscuits. I use to eat them all the time growing up in England. They are expensive in the English isle in Publix- (USA)
    I now eat another tea biscuit called, 'Maria' that are perfect for tea, but they don't have chocolate on them, and they are not digestive like a graham cracker texture. These tea biscuits go everywhere with me in my life. And are under a dollar. So I stock up on them.

    Glad to hear your stomach feels better.
    Chamomile tea is also good for the stomach. And ginger is good for nausea and pain.

    I love all teas with honey.

    Have a great weekend Camy!

  2. I'll have to look up those Maria biscuits! I also discovered that LU has a chocolate covered digestive biscuit at Nob Hill Foods. I bought it yesterday but haven't tried it yet. I'm anxious to compare them to McVitie's. :)