Friday, May 25, 2012

Reading a Grace Livingston Hill novel sent me on an internet search ...

For 1929 women’s fashions, and I found this webpage with stunning gowns from 1928-1931.

The book I was reading was Ariel Custer, which has a copyright date of 1929 so I’m assuming it was written around 1927 or 1928. In the book, the hero is rather put off by the bold, brassy flapper girls his mother keeps pushing on him, but I wanted a picture of what they would have looked like, hence the internet search.

Some of the gowns on the webpage (the photos are from a charity fashion show) are absolutely beautiful. They’re also in much more vibrant colors than I would have expected, but then again I might be influenced by the fact there were only silent black and white films produced at the time, so maybe a part of my brain was thinking everybody walked around in black, white, or gray colors. :)

My favorite is the first gown, the tangerine beaded one. I wonder if all that beading was hand-sewn? It’s gorgeous! A close second is the 1929 green silk crepe. Yes, not the pink one (gasp!) because I don’t like the rather ugly diamond pattern of the fabric right over the woman’s chest. Really, so many of those gowns are absolutely beautiful.


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    1. My favorites are The Enchanted Barn and Crimson Roses.

  2. My mom still has my grandmothers high school dance dress that she made. My grandma was born in 1904 so her dance would have been just before this time. Her dress had a ton of beads on it that were hand sewn on and we found out that they were made out of silver. Right now all the beads are black b/c they are tarnished but it really is an awesome dress.

    1. OH. MY. GOSH!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!