Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary

One great resource my friend Dineen Miller told me about is the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (abridged) that’s available as an e-resource on the Olive Tree Bible software app. It’s originally a hardcover book from Zondervan that’s an abridged version of the 12 volume set.

(All I can say is, thank goodness it’s abridged. I could not handle a 12 volume commentary set. I am just not that smart.)

So anyway, when I’m reading my Olive Tree Bible (I’m using TNIV) with a split screen with the Commentary on the other side of the screen, it syncs the verses of the Bible Commentary with the verses I’m reading, which is really cool.

Right now I’m in Jephaniah which has always confused me when I read it before, but this time, thanks to the Commentary, I now understand the historical and political setting of the book of Jephaniah and some of the meanings behind the prophecies. It’s so awesome!

If you are looking for a commentary that won’t feel like slogging through academic pea soup, this is a really great one. I’ve been enjoying using it so far.

If you don’t use the Olive Tree Bible Software app, you can also order the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (abridged version) in a two hardcover volume set at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and I’m not entirely sure, but I think this is the same as the Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary, which is available (used) in two volumes as Old and New Testament on Amazon, and Old and New Testament on

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