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The challenge of the fish and chips

I had been doing decently at keeping to my new calorie range, but then we had Bible study night.

Our Bible study group has parents with young children, and my husband and I rope one or two of the youth group kids to babysit during the Bible study. To thank them, we typically take them out to dinner after the study.

This past week, my husband wanted to go to fish and chips, which is where he had taken one of the babysitters before and they had really enjoyed it. I didn’t want to say no because this dinner is a thank you to our babysitter.

I ordered one fish fillet and fries, and then a cup of water. I ate VERY slowly and made sure to drink TWO sips of water for every bite of food. I went back to get more water three times, which also lengthened the time it took me to eat. I also tried to talk a lot or stopped eating for a few minutes while I was listening to the two of them talk.

I’m so proud of myself because I only ate the one fish fillet and six strips of fries. That’s it! My meal was only about 350 calories.

I did sob a bit as I passed the rest of my fries to my husband to finish for me, but I reminded myself that I’d rather not enjoy those fries if they were only going to stick to my bum.


  1. That's a fantastic strategy. I like that you're not depriving yourself but no gorging either. I don't eat out often but I've been choosing water with my meal, too-for the benefit of my waistline and my wallet.
    I've never had fish and chips. Pizza and fries from the school cafeteria, yes. What an odd combo.

  2. A classic British meal! I highly approve!

    Also, good for you not going over what you knew was good for you. I hate that feeling when you know what was right and you totally blew it out of the water by eating way too much...whatever it is (chocolate/candy/insert personal weakness here).

  3. Heather, that's my thing--I don't think I could stand dieting if I had to deny myself. I'd rather learn how to eat my favorite foods responsibly than cut them out forever!

    Natalia--I totally relate! I am also learning that even if I blow it, I can still pick myself up and keep going. That's hard, psychologically, for me.


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