Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Buying books online late at night

I just noticed this last week when I splurged and bought a bunch of Elizabeth Ford novels: most of the time, my book buying is online late at night. Literally in the early morning hours, after Captain Caffeine has already gone to bed.

Why is that?

Is there something in the night air that induces a book-buying sickness of the mind? Are my money-spending inhibitions down when I’m tired? Is there something about Captain Caffeine’s snoring that helps me remember the books I want to buy?

I know it has nothing to do with my husband not knowing what I’m doing because I could easily buy those books while he’s at work and he’d still be uninformed. :) Although, in the interests of full disclosure, I do tell him if I’ve spent more than $50 on books.

When do you tend to buy your books?


  1. Usually when I'm supposed to be working. ;)

  2. I go to Amazon daily to find any new free e-books. Usually in the morning. If I did it at night, I'd probably end up accidentally buying dozens of paid books that I don't even want. :P