Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bento Guessing - Piggies

Yum, just in time for lunch! Here’s another bento box from the batch of pics my mom sent to me. (What’s a bento box and why am I doing this? Click here.)

I have to admit, this bento box is adorable and it looks like it actually wasn’t that much work. The box shape is sooooo cute and it’s PINK!

The piggies are made from hard-boiled eggs, and then I think they soak the eggs in soy sauce for an hour or so to give it that brownish color on the surface of the egg white. I’m pretty sure the ears and legs are just mushroom pieces, but I’m not sure how they did the snout.

I like that this bento has lots of little veggies in it and a slice of kiwi. :) And that orange and white flowerlike thingy I’m pretty sure is bought, not homemade. It looks like the sweet bean paste “cakes” we used to get for Japanese holidays.

I think this would have been cute but morbid if they included some marinated grilled pork (char siu) in the box. :)

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