Friday, May 04, 2012

Author Elizabeth Ford

I first discovered Elizabeth Ford when I enjoyed a Victorian romance she wrote under her other pseudonym, Mary Ann Gibbs, titled Horatia. I completely enjoyed the book--it had great characters I liked and admired and a softly rolling plotline that kept me interested to the very end. I discovered I had picked up some of her other titles through garage sales and thrift stores, so I read them, too, and they were all highly entertaining.

I did more research and discovered she also wrote mysteries under the pseudonym Elizabeth Ford, but when I tried to find those books at online booksellers, it was really hard because they were all hardcovers that had been issued only in the UK. All her Mary Ann Gibbs romances were mass market paperbacks published (or reprinted) in the US.

I got all Mary Ann Gibbs’ romances but pined for Elizabeth Ford’s mysteries. :(

But I recently got a new contract with Guideposts books, writing work-for-hire for one of their book club series, and I realized I haven’t bought myself a present in a while.

So last night I went online (why is it I tend to buy books late at night online? Hmm...) and bought a bunch of Elizabeth Ford books from UK online sellers!!! Can you hear the scream of disbelief as I realize what I did???

I used and was able to find the best prices for each of the books, although I did end up paying a dollar or two more for some of them because I’m trying to refrain from buying books from Amazon and so I bought them from other online booksellers like and

Yes, I, um, spent a lot of money. {sheepish look and glancing around to make sure Captain Caffeine didn’t hear that. Or at least doesn’t know yet.} But these are books I’ve wanted for a very long time. I even had them listed in my book catalog with the note to myself: “GET THIS BOOK!”

So now I am happily awaiting some hardcover books winging their way to me from England. I anticipate some wonderful nights reading with a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits!


  1. Buying books is like eating chocolate, you don't know how much you've consumed until you look at the entire picture. LOL. You deserve it.

  2. I love that analogy! That's so true!