Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This much work for McDonald’s French Fries?

Captain Caffeine sent me this link for how to make McDonalds’s French Fries at home. While I will be the first to admit I love their fries, my laziness is making me balk at this two-step process. The soaking in water I understand, and I had heard before from Alton Brown that you should fry your potatoes twice, but that fry-twice thing (plus putting them in the fridge) is the deal-breaker for me. Too much work! When I want fries, I want them NOW! I’d rather do fries In-N-Out style, just throw the fresh potatoes in the fryer until golden brown. Actually, I do soak my fries in water beforehand and then drain in a colander before frying in my Fry Daddy. I’ve only soaked them for an hour before, but maybe I’ll go for two hours like the article says just to try it. Do you make fries at home? If you haven’t before, it’s totally worth it. I admit it’s easier for me now that I have a Fry Daddy because I just plug it in and wait 15 minutes before frying. Of course, fries are not good for me since I tend to snarf the entire batch down in one sitting. :)

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