Thursday, April 05, 2012

Salmonella and sushi?! Oh no!

Looks like some sushi in restaurants in Virginia had an outbreak of salmonella from their spicy tuna rolls. That makes me sad! I love sushi! I don’t want to have to worry about salmonella!

Actually, in Hawaii, my parents always taught me to go to a really reputable sushi restaurant rather than the smaller ones that cater to the younger crowd. There are no sake-bombs at the bar, but you’ll be less likely to be put in the hospital from bad fish.

We go to Kabuki, a Japanese restaurant in Pearl City (on the island of O’ahu) where my parents know the sushi chefs. They were trained in Japan for many years (as opposed to some sushi chefs now who are trained only a few months or even a few weeks). They personally pick the fish and it’s always fresh enough to almost jump off your plate.

Because of Kabuki, I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to sushi, I admit. :)

Anyway, don’t let the salmonella scare you off sushi. Just make sure if you do go, go to a really reputable restaurant. And it usually has a lot of Asian men speaking Japanese at the sushi counter. :)


  1. But another way of looking at it...people died eating cantaloup (I'm tired...took way too many tries to spell that correctly!) and salad! Pretty much anything can make you sick at any given time. Whatcha gonna do?!