Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have seen the light

Flashlight, that is.

For years I’ve been teasing Captain Caffeine about how he likes to collect flashlights. And not the Maglights or anything so paltry as that. He likes the super expensive, heavy-duty, burn-your-eyesight-out flashlights.

I keep teasing him about how many he has, because really, you can only use two flashlights at a time, one in each hand.

But last night I dropped a glass and it shattered on our floor. No, no one was hurt, but we had to clean up the shards. The big ones were easy, but then we had to make sure all the tiny splinters were picked up so that our dog wouldn’t accidentally cut her feet on them.

So the Captain breaks out his newest acquisition, an LED flashlight the size of can of soup that’s as bright as an outdoor floodlight. And he started panning the floor and the carpets, CSI-style.

Needless to say, there’s a reason the CSI teams on TV use flashlights to find their evidence. The can of soup flashlight picked up several glass shards we hadn’t seen.

So now I really can’t complain about Captain Caffeine’s flashlight collection.


  1. Okay...I confess...I have a thing about flashlights myself...there! I said it!

  2. LOL! You and Captain Caffeine would have a lot to talk about.