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Any money saving tips for grocery shopping?

We’re really fortunate in that we subscribe to an organic co-op, Live Earth Farm, where we pick up a basket of organic veggies every week. We don’t get to pick which veggies we receive, but there’s always a good variety and we’ve learned to eat veggies I wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery store. It allows for a lot of really good variety in our diet, because typically I’d buy the same veggies every week.

Where we really spend money is on meats. I don’t know if this is only true in California, but meat is incredibly expensive.

Chicken and pork are both cheaper than beef, but my problem is that I have noticed several things;

1) If I eat only chicken, beans, and soy products, I start to feel run down. I’m not sure why, especially since the chicken I eat has no growth hormones. I need to eat beef at least once every two or three days or else I get that run down feeling.

2) My stomach reacts badly to pork. I can eat maybe an once or two, but any more than that and my stomach becomes acidic and upset.

3) I detest fish. I am allergic to crab.

4) All this is compounded by the fact that I don’t like eating protein that much and I have to struggle to get enough.

Yes, I know, whine, whine, whine. Anyway, I came across this article (via on how to save money at the grocery store and was excited about it since we seem to spend so much on meat. It was informative on some things I didn’t know, like the number 9 in front of item codes for organic stuff, and the stuff about dry goods, bread and milk.

Do you have any money saving tips?


  1. Thanks Camy. I freeze extra onion and green onion. I always shop at costco, as even if I throw stuff out, it is still way cheaper. You can freeze more stuff than you think,, which is money saving.

  2. Yeah, I recently started freezing the leeks from our co-op and it's great!


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