Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm crazy--I love running!

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.21.2010

Some of you may not be on Facebook or Twitter and may not yet have heard me gushing (ad nauseum) about my new hobby!

I have never been able to say that before I started the Jeff Galloway running program, but now I can really say I love running!

Before you call the Gotham Sanitarium, read this to let me explain why this is cool and doesn't make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack.

I'm not expecting to convert (many) people, but I have been just so excited about this new method that I can't shut up about it!

I chatted with my dad yesterday for Father's Day, and usually we don't have a whole lot to talk about but I spent 30 minutes talking about this running program. Dad was interested because he has been running since 1981 (which I didn't actually know until he told me, I thought he'd started running when I was in high school, but apparently I was 9 when he started running. The doctor told him his cholesterol was so high he'd be dead in a year if he didn't start exercising, so he started running. That's another reason I started running--since he enjoyed it, I was trying to enjoy it, too, and now with this Galloway method, I really am enjoying it for the first time in my life.)

I haven't run today (yet) because the heat index is so high, although I ran yesterday for 7.3 miles! That's the longest I've ever run in my life!


  1. Okay but can you knit while you run?

  2. Keep it up! You might just inspire me to...ok, maybe not to run, but at least to get up and go for a walk.

  3. I've never like running. But maybe there is a chance I could like it?? I'll have to hear more how it goes with you! Congratulations though, on feeling so good about running.

  4. I decided a couple of decades ago that if getting healthy felt that bad at 35, I'd be paralyzed by 50. Give me cycling any time--especially on a tandem with my sweetie!

  5. Poet--if I can figure it out, I'll let you know! ;)

    Lesley--go for that walk!

    Lynn--you might like running better with this method. Without it, I'm in too much pain.

    Rachael--cycling is great! My problem is that I am not good with anything that helps me go faster than I can run--too many accidents!


  6. Wow! If you love running with this program perhaps I am missing something...:) I'm a sprinter.

    Erica S.

  7. Erica, I've never been a sprinter! LOL legs too short. But the Galloway method actually encourages shorter strides to prevent injury.

  8. Hi Camy!

    I'm just starting to love running. This morning I successfully did a close to 3 km both brisk walking and running. I'm still getting the hang of it. But I've to say that I'm loving it.

    One thing nice about it is that after writing, all you have to do is to leave your work then go for a quick run then when you come back, you'll have tons of fresh bright ideas.

    Tell us more about Jeff Galloway Running Program.

  9. Good for you, Joy! If you click on the link above, I left two links to Galloway's program in the comments section.