Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.21.2009

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray ONE Sunday.

I’m trying something new with my Sunday Prayer. I’m really bad about doing it on Sunday, so I’ll be updating it during the week.

Dear Lord, thank you for your grace.

I pray for complete healing for B., Malia, Cheryl, Sharon, Juanita, Lorna, Dr. Mathews, and Steve’s mom.

I also lift up any of my blog readers in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing and pray you will touch them.

Be with any blog readers who are out of a job or whose loved ones are unemployed. Please provide for their families and give stability.

Please give safety, strength, and wisdom to Jeanette and her husband as they fly to her father's memorial service. Keep your hand over them during the entire trip.

Please help me continue with my weight loss and running training. Please also help me as I work on my new manuscripts. I also pray for your will for Captain Caffeine’s job direction. Please provide for our family financially. Guide my life, open and close doors, and lead me into what you want me to do.



  1. Dear Camy:

    Please pray for my husband and I as we fly to CA for my dad's memorial service. We have 3 plane changes on the way, plus a difficult family situation to walk into. We need safety, strength and wisdom.

    Thank you for doing this! You are a doll.


  2. Hi Camy,
    Thanks for this opportunity to have another sister pray for our loved ones!

    I put in the Lord's hands my mother, Barb. She is fighting lung cancer, the associated pain, chemo and radiation. There are more masses showing up all the time. But most importantly, I pray for her salvation.

    Also, my brother Brian is having some medical tests. I pray His will be done with the results.

    Thanks be to God - and bless you and your ministry!
    - Stacey
    SP: Staceysgetnfit

  3. Cami~

    My husband's uncle Wayne who has had numerous heart attacks and has a pace maker and defibrillator just had another heart attack and the drs. say there is nothing left they can do. But, there is Someone who can Heal him, and we would appreciate your prayers.

    Also, his cousin Lori is in the hospital with no use of her hands or legs due to a medicine her dr. put her on. We also would appreciate prayers for her also.

    Thanks you so much

  4. So sorry for spelling your name wrong in the post above

  5. Hi Camy!
    I don't know if it's too late to be doing this, but I have a prayer request. 3 weeks ago I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. Tomorrow I am having it done on the left hand. It is not necessarily major surgery, but there is a quite intense recovery. Plus, I am only 17 and it is scary to be going through all this. This will be the fifth surgery I have undergone in my short life, but the prayers are definitely appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
    P.S. I'm going to try and find Deadly Intent to read as I recover! Lol...I entered the contest on the LI website, so you might notice me there. I am currently reading Final Warning and it is really good!! Thanks! : )