Friday, June 26, 2009

Sample Melody Carlson's Carter House Girls series

A note from Melody:

I took six teenage girls and one '60s fashion diva (retired, of course) and threw them together in a big old house. I tossed in some teenage boys (some nice, some not so nice) added some typical teen struggles (jealousy, dating, identity) as well as a Kate Spade bag or two ... and it turned out to be the Carter House Girls, my chick lit series for young adults!

And, good news, the latest book just released: New York Debut. You can start reading it here.

There's pressure from Mrs. Carter and competition between certain girls, as the household prepares to participate in the high stakes Spring Fashion Week in New York City. So, join the Carter House Girls for an adventure that leads to clothes, clothes, and more clothes ... and a bit of fashion competition along the way. Be sure to sample all the books in the series!

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