Friday, January 16, 2009

Snickers pictures

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.16.2009

Hey, I figure if other people can post pictures of babies and grandkids, I can post pictures of my dog, right?

This is Snickers with her favorite toy, her yellow ducky. Actually, its color is more of a "bright" slobber ecru.

Try to smile, don't look so sad, this really isn't that demeaning...

Let's try to distract her with food so she'll look perky. Oh wait, put the food near the camera, not in your hand...

Except now she looks sad and pathetic as she stares at the hot dog, waiting for it and wondering why we're torturing her.
"Are you stupid humans done YET???"

"While you try to figure out your camera, I'm going to sleep, which I could do better if you'd stop sticking this stupid duck under my head."


  1. Awww she's so cute! I wish we could give our dog his own toy but he's liable to destroy it within a week. :D

  2. Heck yeah!! We, who don't have kids, OWE it to our pets to post pictures!!!! LOL.

    I just did one on my blog this week (Wednesday Post) it shows my dog lying on his back paws in the air sleeping outside on our patio furniture. It's hilarious.

    Snickers is so cute. I wonder what our dogs think when we're hovering over them with a camera? **smile**

  3. Hi Everyone Happy Friday! She is the sweetest, but pets rock. We don't have a dog we have 4 cats who are more like our kids. But we do have one child a son who is 3, and the Cats still aren't sure if they like him or not. But our son loves the cats and wants them to play with him. Pets are great and thanks for sharing yours with us.

  4. LOL Thanks guys! We take waaaaaaaaaay too many pictures of our dog, but now I understand about friends who take tons of pictures of their kids.

    I actually made a calendar with Vistaprint that has a picture of Snickers for every month of the year. It's old now, but I still keep it to have a rotating picture of Snickers on my desk.


  5. Your dog is a lovely color. She is really a sweetie. Thanks for sharing!
    I will have to share our beagle puppy Daisy with you. Cindi

  6. These are great pictures! We take way too many pictures of our kids AND our dogs! tee hee! Our dogs also tear up all the soft toys we give them - it is their mission to tear out all the stuffing as soon as we get them!

  7. Snickers is such a cutie! She looks so thrilled too. (not!) Our dogs have lots of slobber colored toys. Well, they don't even have toys just pieces of toys. Gee, where would we be without our furry buddies?

  8. Oh my gosh!!! Too cute for words!!! Post more post more!!

  9. What a darling doggy! (Any pet named after a chocolate candy bar is good in my book!)

    I enjoy reading and following your posts. I've given you a blog award. If you're interested you can pick it up at (look at the post for 1-17-09).


  10. I love it when you have photos of Snickers. Just adorable. I think it shows what a sweet dog she is that has a favorite toy and hasn't mutilated it beyond belief.

    The commentary is totally Camy! Just as funny as your books can be.

  11. Snickers is really in touch with the somber side. :) What a cutie!

  12. I'm so glad you shared Snickers photos!!! She's adorable and I love her ducky toy.

  13. Your dog looks exactly like a Snickers! What a cutie!