Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snickers and the squirrel

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.27.2008

A squirrel sighting is a Major Event in the life of our dog. It ranks right up there with a cat sighting and an unclaimed rib eye steak.

“Ooh! Ooh! There’s a squirrel!”

“Come down and play with me!”

“I won’t eat you!”

“I promise!”


  1. Your Snickers looks exactly like our Bono!!

  2. Have I ever told you what a beautiful dog you have? I'm sure that you hear it all of the time but she's gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow, you're dog is soooo cool. My oldest, Herky, is a Shetland Sheep Dog, so, he's got the whole 'herding' thing goin' on....ALL the time. So, if it's a bunny, or bird, or little salamander, they all have to be brought together...and that means barking. A lot of it. LOL

    Gotta love them, though!!! Even though I might get query rejection after query rejection, I'm NEVER rejected by them. They just lick my face and look at me with their sweet, lovin' puppy eyes and nod, "Keep going, Mommy." Then, they take their dutiful place at my feet while I pluck away at the laptop for endless hours.

  4. With my dogs it is bunnies - they love the bunnies. For the past few weeks they have been barking at a burrow where some baby bunnies were growing up. The bunnies have flown the nest, so to speak, but the dogs are still barking at that hole!!

  5. Snickers is adorable!!! I have a black Lab and I just love him!!!

  6. He needs to come visit my doggie. My doggie will teach him how to get one. We're at 7 kills and counting.

  7. 7 KILLS???? Yuckos! I'd much rather she didn't. Hazmat is not my fav activity. LOL